VideoGames & Computer Entertainment, July 1990

VideoGames & Computer Entertainment, July 1990

VideoGames & Computer Entertainment, while not as popular other magazines of the time like GamePro and Electronic Gaming Monthly, was always my favorite. It featured the writing/editing of Arnie Katz, Bill Kunkel and Joyce Worley who were involved with the original Electronic Games magazine.

I just found out Bill Kunkel died back in 2011 and Joyce Worley in 2016 :(

The contents of the July 1990 issue include:


  • VG&CE’s Game Boy Buyer’s Guide – Suddenly, there are tons of games available for Nintendo’s portable game machine. To help you sort through all the choices, we’ve put together a survey of the new and upcoming Game Boy cartridges.
  • The TurboGrafx-16 Goes Into The Shrinking Machine – At press time, word reached us about the changing status of the TurboGrafx-16 portable machine. VG&CE takes you behind closed doors to see what it looks and acts like.
  • Batman Strategy Guide, Part II – The second and final tutorial will lead you through the final levels of this exciting game, right up to your confrontation with the Joker himself. Don’t give up.
  • The Quest For Sky Castle: A Player’s Guide To Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle – This detailed guide will help you find your way to Sky Castle in yet another Alex Kidd adventure, this time for the Sega Genesis.
  • Around The Bases: A Survey Of Electronic Baseball – Of all the sporting endeavors in electronic gaming, baseball has been the most often attempted. If you don’t know which one to get, our experts will help you decide.
  • Stepping Forward, Jim Mangano Gets Ready For The Big Time! – His name has been tied to some of the most popular computer games. Find out more about him in a behind-the-scenes look at this intrepid developer.
  • Computer-Game Strategies – Sit back and pore over our tips on Bruce Lee Lives, Mean Streets and Bubble Bobble.


  • Video-Game Reviews
    • Air Diver
    • The Mafat Conspiracy
    • RBI Baseball 2
    • Target Renegade
    • Bad News Baseball
    • Psycho-Fox
    • Crater Maze
    • Cyber Core
    • Rad Racer II
    • Super Hydlide
  • Computer-Game Reviews
    • Battle Squadron
    • Keef the Thief
    • Mechwarrior
    • Arkanoid II: The Revenge of Doh
    • Nuclear War
    • Gunboat
    • Living Jigsaws
    • Harpoon

…and more!