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  • Lethal Weapon (NES, SNES, Game Boy)


    Source: Game Players – February 1993

    Lethal Weapons was released for various home computers, the NES, Super Nintendo and Game Boy in 1992. It was actually based on the movie Lethal Weapon 3 which was the iteration of that series that was released around the same time. The game is a fairly typical side-scrolling platform adventure game with the quality you have come to expect from licensed properties.

    There are two primary versions of the game. One released for the NES and Game Boy and another released for the Super Nintendo and various home computers including the Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64 and DOS. In both versions, you get to choose to play either of the two main protagonists, Riggs or Murtaugh. The NES and Game Boy version is extremely difficult and mostly involves fighting with various criminals in the Los Angeles area. You can either punch or shoot your enemies and often punching seems to be more effective. The Super Nintendo and computer versions are similar types of games but the levels have more specific goals. The difference between the two characters that you can choose from are minimal and relate to firing speed and jump height.

    None of the versions are particularly great games. The computer versions seem to be more highly regarded but that’s not saying much. If you do want to give this one a try, the Amiga (or Atari ST) version is probably best. Pick the SNES version over the NES or Game Boy version if you want a console game but if you are a sucker for punishment and want to play both variations then you’ll have to give the NES version a shot too (or Game Boy but why?). Needless to say, this game has never been re-released. A Sega Master System version was planned and may have even been mostly completed but was never released.

    The ad above is from the February 1993 issue of Game Players magazine and advertises the NES, SNES and Game Boy versions. Screen shots above are from the Super Nintendo version of the game.

  • RoboCop (Commodore 64)


    [C64 / PC / ST] [USA] [MAGAZINE] [1989]

    • Video Games & Computer Entertainment, April 1989 (#03)
    • Uploaded by Sketch the Cow, via The Internet Archive


    It’s hard to believe that in 1988-1989 they were still publishing games on the Commodore 64 before other platforms. 1989 was probably the last big year for the Commodore 64. After that, the number of games published for the C64 fell off a cliff while 16-bit platforms like the Atari ST and Amiga limped along for several more years. Meanwhile, DOS based games were skyrocketing. But in 1988, RoboCop was published for the Commodore 64 before those other platforms.

    The version of this game I remember most is actually the original arcade game that was published the previous year. For a while, this was one of two arcade games at a store within bike riding distance from my house. I put a number of quarters into that thing but it never seemed like I really made it very far.

    RoboCop was a fairly typical side scrolling shoot-em-up but it was pretty well done and did a fair job of following the plot of the movie from what I recall. As far as movie licenses go, RoboCop was one of the rare ones that was pretty good, at least as an arcade game. Unfortunately, this didn’t carry over as well to the Commodore 64 version. The graphics weren’t bad but as hard as the arcade version was, the Commodore 64 version was even harder. On top of that, you can tell that this port was rushed because it becomes glitchy in later levels. It’s not a terrible game on the C64 but it isn’t the best example of the quality it was capable of either.

    RoboCop was also released on DOS based PCs, the Atari ST, and Amiga, as well as a few other computers and the NES. The DOS and NES versions weren’t really any better than the Commodore 64 version overall. If you are looking for a home version to play, your best bet is probably the Atari ST or Amiga versions. Those look and play a lot more like the original arcade. Of course, if you are using emulation to play then you might as well go to the arcade source.

    Screens above are from the Commodore 64 verion.

  • Darkman (NES, Game Boy)

    Ocean Software
    Game Boy


    Darkman is based on the Sam Raimi film of the same name and was released for the Nintendo and Game Boy in 1991. It was also released for a number of home computer platforms, including the Commodore 64, Atari ST and Amiga. Given this game is a movie license you probably aren’t expecting much and you would be right not to.

    Darkman is a pretty average 2D platform game of the type that was extremely common on the NES. It does have one unique aspect in that you have to take a picture of a gangster between each level in order for you to get the appropriate mask to impersonate them. The better you do during the picture taking part, the longer you have to complete the next level. Other than this one unique feature, nothing really stands out about Darkman.

    If you are a fan of the movie and a fan of 2D platform games then it might be worth checking out. Otherwise, there are far better games of this style available on the NES and Game Boy. This game seemed to fare a bit better on 8-bit computers but even there don’t expect much more than an average platform game. Cool cult movie, interesting concept, rushed execution on the game to make a fast buck as is typical of most movie licenses.

    The above ad is for the Game Boy and NES versions. Screen shots are shown in the ad but only for the Game Boy version.