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  • Compute! (November 1981)


    Source: Compute! – Issue Number 18 – November 1981

    In my opinion, Compute! was the best of the computer magazines that covered multiple platforms. In 1981, Compute! was focussed on computers based on the 6502 CPU (later this restriction would go away). At the time, this included the Commodore PET, Atari 8-bit and Apple II in addition to more obscure entries like the KIM and others. You won’t see the TRS-80, for example, because it wasn’t based on the 6502. I’m not sure why the VIC-20 isn’t covered in this issue as it had been released by this point but maybe they just hadn’t started covering it yet…

    The November 1982 issue of Compute! included the following:

    • Computers and Society
    • Guest Commentary: The Three Laws (Isaac Asimov)
    • Basically Useful BASIC: A Flower Sale Program
    • SuperPET’s Super Software
    • SuperPET: A Preview
    • Japanese Micros: A First Look
    • Telecommunications: What is it?
    • Bits, Bytes and Basic Boole
    • The Practical Side Of Assembly Language Part II: Loops And Arrays
    • Introduction To Binary Numbers, Part 1
    • The Apple Gazette
      • An Apple Primer
      • Page Flipper: Five Hires And Four Lores Pages For The Apple
    • The Atari Gazette
      • Atari Data Management/Database System: An Atari Database With Application Generation Features
      • A Program For Writing Programs On The Atari 400/800 Computers
      • INSIGHT: Atari
      • Atari Timing Delays
      • Printing Numbers That Make Cents
      • Formatting input
      • Typing SHOOT
      • TextPlot
      • Assembler Update
      • Maypole
      • Atari Program Listings
    • The OSI Gazette
      • OSI Relocation Or What’s NEW?
      • Data Handling
      • Keyboard Conversion Program For The OSI C1P?
    • The PET Gazette
      • COMPUTE! Interview: Kit Spencer, CBM’s New US Marketing Director
      • COMPUTE! Overview: Power
      • The PET Speaks
      • Machine Language: Monitoring Progress
      • Directory For 3.0
      • Inversion Partitioning
      • A Personal News Service
      • FOR/NEXT GOSUB/RETURN, And The Stack
    • The SBC Gazette
      • Nuts And Volts: Build Your Own Controllers, Part III
      • Review: Dos/65 A Disk Operating System

    …and more!

  • Commodore Power/Play – Winter 1983

    Commodore Power/Play Home Computing Volume II, Number 4 Winter 1983 Cover
    Commodore Power/Play Home Computing
    Volume II, Number 4
    Winter 1983

    Source: Commodore Power Play – Winter 1983

  • Compute! – Issue Number 31 – December 1982


    Source: Compute! – Issue Number 31 – December 1982