Compute! (November 1982)


Source: Compute! – Issue Number 30 – November 1982

Compute! was one of the first and most successful multi-format computer magazines. In late 1982, it was covering primarily systems from Commodore, Apple and Atari. The November 1982 issue includes:


  • What To Buy Your Computer For Christmas
  • A Buyer’s Guide To Modems

Education And Recreation

  • Laser Gunner: BASIC Animation
  • UXB
  • An Atari For Christmas Part I
  • VIC Harmony
  • Rainbow Clock
  • Statistician
  • How To Use SYS And USR: Part I


  • VisiCalc Home And Office Companion
  • Speech Synthesizers For Atari And Apple
  • VIC-20 Cartridge Games
  • Petspeed, An Optimizing Compiler For PET/CBM

Columns And Departments

  • The Editor’s Notes
  • Ask The Readers
  • Computers And Society
  • The World Inside The Computer
  • The Beginner’s Page: Arrays
  • Friends Of The Turtle
  • Learning With Computers: Computers In The Art Class
  • Insight: Atari
  • Machine Language: Serial Communications
  • Telecommunications: What Is It?

The Journal

  • Turtle Pilot: Part III
  • A Terminal Operating System For PET To HP3000 +
  • Computer Controlled Telephone Dialing
  • From VIC-20 To Mainframe
  • Apple Menu
  • A Shape Generator For The Commodore 64
  • Atari Screen Save
  • Easy File Input: The String Thing
  • VIC Microman
  • Purge
  • Apple Sounds
  • Programming VIC’s Function Keys
  • Copy Atari Boot Tapes To Disk
  • PET: Picture Files
  • Calling Routine For Marquee
  • PET Interfacing
  • The Atari Wedge; Adding Commands To Atari BASIC
  • A Fill-In On XIO(FILL)
  • VIC Plotting
  • The FORTH Page: Disk Management

…and more!