Electronic Gaming Monthly, Issue Number 86, September 1996

The September 1996 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly

Electronic Gaming Monthly was perhaps the most popular video games magazine there ever was and it was my personal second favorite behind VG&CE. The September 1996 issue, from shortly before the release of the Nintendo 64, includes:


  • Insert Coin – Our editor reminisces about the past and ponders the future.
  • Press Start – The news that’s making headlines in the world of video games.
  • Review Crew – A no-holds barred critique of gaming’s latest releases.
  • Gaming Gossip – THE inside source on the gaming industry from the Q-Mann.
  • Tricks of the Trade – Want a power up? Check out the hottest cheats here.
  • Special Features – An in-depth look at the newest of the new.
  • Next Wave – Get a sneak peek at upcoming titles for all systems.
  • Next Wave Protos – Exclusive first-looks at games on the horizon.
  • Team EGM – Previews and reviews for sports gamers.
  • Contests – Don’t miss your chance to win BIG!
  • Interface – An open forum for readers’ questions and concerns.


  • Say Hello To The Nintendo 64 And Its Awesome Games! – With the Nintendo 64’s release just around the corner, gamers will finally be able to answer the question: Was the system worth the wait? With EGM’s in-depth coverage and detailed pictures on the system as well as Mario, PilotWings and other N64 games in this issue, rest assured that the answer will be YES!
  • It’s A Long Day’s Journey Into Nights – Go behind the scenes to take a look at one of Sega’s biggest games coming out this year: NiGHTS. Play as a child, traveling in a land of dreams trying to stop an evil wizard from porting over to your reality. With awesome graphics and high replay value, this game will give Sony and Nintendo a run for their money!
  • Battle Monsters In This Indiana Jones-Esque Game! – Play as a Linda Hamilton-type character who must explore every nook and cranny while slaying monsters in Eidos Interactive’s 3-D adventure game. Tomb Raiders. Starting in Peru and ending in the lost city of Atlantis, this game is action-filled all the way.

Next Wave

  • Saturn – Street Fighter Alpha 2 serves up some serious fighting action!
  • PlayStation – Save the Muu Muus from the evil clutches of an unusual baddie in Jumping Flahs! 2.
  • Super NES – Race as one of your favorite rubber-suit wearing Power Rangers in a fight to the finish line.

…and more!