GamePro (July 1992)


Source: GamePro – July 1992

GamePro, along with Electronic Gaming Monthly, was one of the most popular video games magazines of the late 1980s and 1990s. I never liked GamePro as much as EGM or my favorite, VideoGames & Computer Entertainment, but it was still a good magazine. The July 1992 issue includes:

    • Letter from the GamePros
    • The Mail
    • Cutting Edge – Multimedia fun and games with Commodore CDTV, Philips CD-I, and Guest by Virgin Games.
    • Hot at the Arcades – Fight evil forces throughout the video dimension with X-Men and Solvalou.
    • Special Feature: Putting the Spin on CD-ROM Systems – Here’s what’s happening with the Sega CD, the Turbo Duo, the SNES CD, and the Wondermega.
    • Team GamePro – We thank you for your support.
    • Pro Reviews
      • Nintendo: Gargoyle’s Quest II, Prince of Persia, Hillsfar, Lemmings, The Legend of the Ghost Lion, Ferrari, Grand Prix Challenge
      • Genesis: The Simpson’s: Bart vs. the Space Mutants, Evander Holyfield “Real Deal” Boxing, Todd’s Adventure in Slime World, Cyber Cop, Dragon’s Fury, Star Odyssey, Warrior of Rome II
      • Super NES: Hook, Wings 2-Aces High, Arcana, Might and Magic II, Magic Sword, Krusty’s Fun House, The Addams Family, Super Bowling
      • TurboGrafx-16: Gates of Thunder (CD)
      • Neo Geo: Previews: Last Resort, Sengoku II, King of the Monsters II
      • Game Boy: Super Hunchback, The Adventures of Star Saver, Wordtris, Pyramids of Ra, Jeep Jamboree
      • Game Gear: A special year-end preview.
      • Lynx: Hockey, Lynx Casino
    • Special Feature: Alien 3 – What’s more scary? The movie, the comic, or the Genesis video game? Check ’em all out here.