Electronic Games, January 1984

Electronic Games, January 1984 – #VideoGames #arcade #ComputerGames #1980s #80s #1984 #Atari #Commodore #Apple


Electronic Games is the granddaddy of all video games magazines. While it was only around a couple of years, it had a huge influence. The January 1984 issue includes:

  • Switch On!
  • Hotline
  • Meet Pac-Man’s Video Godfather
  • Readers Replay
  • The Ultimate Gaming Gift – Read about the most exquisite game station ever built.
  • Games On Disc – The dragon’s out of its lair and brought some friends along.
  • EG Goes Continental – Think only Americans read EG, huh? Think again.
  • Computer Gaming Section
    • Software Showcase
    • Articles of War
    • Passport to Adventure
    • Think Tank
    • Electronic Pressbook
  • The 1984 Arcade Awards – The best videogames, computer games, coin-ops, and stand-alones of 1983!
  • The Players Guide To Atari Computer Software – From action to strategy games, Atari owners have the pick of the lot.
  • Kideo: Games for the Younger Set – The second of a three-part series on gaming for tots.
  • New Products
  • In Control
  • Inside Gaming
  • Programmable Parade
  • Insert Coin Here
  • Strategy Session
  • Q & A
  • Games Library
  • Stand-Alone Scene
  • Reader Poll
  • Coming Attractions

…and more!