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  • Retro Gamer – Issue Number 50


    Source: Retro Gamer – Issue Number 50

    Retro Gamer is a magazine published in the U.K. that covers “retro” video and computer games. It has been published for many years and the oldest issues could themselves be considered retro at this point. Even this issue was published more than 11 years ago. Issue number 50 of Retro Gamer includes:

    • The Dream Machine – Find out why Sega’s most innovative console didn’t stop the Japanese giant from crashing out of the hardware race.
    • Reader Special: Your Best Gaming Moments – To celebrate our special 50th issue, 50 of our readers share their all-time favorite gaming moments.
    • Zombie Nation: The House of the Dead – Sega’s popular undead blaster has been terrorizing us for 12 long years. Discover why it’s remained so popular.
    • Desert Island Disk: Celebrity Special – In a change from our usual feature, Lemmy, Gaz Top and Simon Munnery discuss the game they can’t live without.
    • The History of…Grand Theft Auto – As the world patiently waits for the imminent arrival of GTA IV, Retro Gamer charts the history of one of videogaming’s coolest franchises.
    • The Making of… – We’ve reached 50 issues, which is pretty monumental for such a niche mag. Original editor Martyn Carroll reveals how your favorite magazine came into being.
    • The Making Of: Gunstar Heroes – In an excellent new interview, Retro Gamer talks to Treasure about one of its most influential 16-bit blasters.
    • The Big Interview: Roger Dean – His striking images have graced some of Psygnosis’s most popular games. Roger Dean explains how it all began.
    • The Making Of: The Great Giana Sisters – It’s seen as one of the C64’s best platformers, but Nintendo wasn’t a fan. Manfred Trenz explains why.
    • News – Help save the wonderful Museum of Computing.
    • Letters – Your chance to give a little something back to the mag.
    • Collector’s Corner – Benjamin Robinson has a magazine collection to die for.
    • Back to the Nineties – Richard Burton charts the arrival of the Game Boy.
    • Retro Revival – Holy smokes Batman, you’re in an 8-bit videogame.
    • The Classic Game – Rediscover Howard Scott Warshaw’s Yar’s Revenge.
    • Retro Revival – Which 8-bit version of Elite’s Thundercats was the best?
    • Perfect Ten – Ten Dreamcast titles to make your life that little bit better.
    • The Gallery – A lovely collection of Sega arcade games to drool over.
    • Retro Rated – Your latest guide to the very best downloadable classics.
    • Classifieds

    …and more!

  • Electronic Games (July 1982)


    Source: Electronic Games – Issue Number 5 – July 1982

    Electronic Games was really the granddaddy of all video gaming magazines. It’s life was cut somewhat short by the video game crash of 1982/83 but the influence of it and its creators carried on throughout the life of video gaming journalism. Of course, in print form that seems to be pretty much over today.

    The July 1982 issue of Electronic Games includes:

      • Switch On!
      • Inside Gaming – Share the secrets of Activision’s ace designer, Al Miller.
      • Test Lab – Our technical expert helps you connect with the right video switcher.

    Feature: The History of Arcades

       – Today’s fancy family amusement centers didn’t just sprout up like mushrooms. here’s the story of how it all began.
    • Strategy Session – Learn the amazing secret to scoring more with K.C. Munchkin from our home arcade gaming champion.
    • Special Feature: The Coming of…Tron! – Disney’s videogame movie doesn’t open until July, but here is the advance word on this animated blockbuster!
    • Insert Coin Here – Kick-man, Space Duel and Mouse Trap come in for some probing analysis.
    • Special Section: The Players Guide to Electronic Summer Sports – EG’s magazine-within-a-magazine shows how to get the most indoor fun out of electronic versions of outdoor athletics.
    • Arcade America – Get your bag of quarters, we’re going to the fabulous Westworld amusement center in sunny southern California.
    • Passport to Adventure – Can you unravel the riddle of the island and become truly free?
    • Mini-Arcade Gallery – New technology has created programmable electronic games that can be carried anywhere the arcade player wants to go.
    • Videogames Go King-Size – Tips for choosing the giant-screen TV to enhance your gaming pleasure.

    …and more!

  • G.A.M.E.S. (1983)

    G.A.M.E.S. video game store, Van Nuys, CA, 1983 ad


    This is an add for a mail-order video games company aptly named G.A.M.E.S. (though I’m not clear what that stands for) based in Van Nuys California. I’m not really familiar with them but this ad is from 1983 which was a few years before I started paying attention to magazines.

    This particular ad has a variety of interesting things for the Atari 2600, Atari 400/800, Colecovision and Intellivision, the most interesting of which is probably the Starpath Supercharger. This was a device that allowed you to connect a standard audio cassette player to your Atari 2600 in order to load games specifically made for it. It also added 6k of memory which was a massive increase given the fact that the 2600 started with only 128 bytes (yes bytes, not kilobytes). Of course, data from a ROM cartridge could be swapped into RAM a lot faster than data from a cassette could.