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  • Computer Gaming World (September 1989)


    Source: Computer Gaming World – Issue Number 63 – September 1989

    I think without a doubt that Computer Gaming World was the best PC games magazine. In 1989 they were still covering other computer systems and the magazine was only at 50 pages but it would reach it’s peak in the 1990s with the development of the 3D accelerator and the subsequent explosion of PC gaming. There were some truly massive issues then. The September 1989 issue includes:


    • SSI’s “Curse of the Azure Bonds” – Scorpia Explores Another “Forgotten Realm”
    • Epyx’s “The Omicron Conspiracy” – “We’d Tell You More, But…”
    • SSI’s “Hillsfar” – “It Takes A Thief” To Be The Best
    • The Sounds of Silicon – CGW’s Test Lab Explores IBM Sound Boards
    • “Chessmaster 211” vs. “Sargon 4” – Software Toolworks and Spinnaker Face-Off
    • It’s A “Grand [Old] Fleet” – SimCan’s World War I Naval Combat Game
    • SSI’s “Red Lightning” Strikes Twice – Modern Warfare on the ST and IBM
    • Here Comes the “Fire King” – SSG’s Action/Role-Playing Game
    • How to Plan for a Long “Journey” – Game Hints from Abroad
    • Star Saga Two: The Clathran Menace – Masterplay’s New Adventure Game
    • Linking Up for “Tournament Golf” – Playing a “Mean[er] 18”
    • Hints for Infocom’s “Arthur” – Scorpion’s Tale Offers “Roundtable” Discussion
    • “Name The Game” Contest – Win A Free 3-Year CGW Subscription


    • Letters from Paradise
    • Taking A Peek
    • Conversions Received
    • Rumor Bag
    • Inside The Industry
    • Game Ratings
    • CGW Hall of Fame
    • Reader Input Device

    …and more!

  • Videogaming Illustrated (October 1983)


    Source: Videogaming Illustrated – October 1983

    Videogaming Illustrated was another relatively short-lived videogames magazine from the early 1980s. Though it lasted less than two years, it changed names twice. For instance, this issue from October 1983 is actually titled Videogaming and Computergaming Illustrated. Contents include:

    • Keyboard – Men, women and computerphobia – an issue for the 80s.
    • Eye On – From voice synthesis to voice controllers – hear the latest!
    • Preview – New games from Avalon Hill and Sega’s Star Trek reviewed.
    • Focus On: Uncensored Videogames – If ever erotic videogames had a chance to enter the market quietly and with minimum resistance, three games bearing the Mystique label scuttled those chance forever.
    • VIP: Gloria Steinem and Lindsay Van Gelder – Two famous feminists discuss women, computers and games.
    • Arcadia: The Perils of Pixel-ated Paulines – The role of women in the industry: are we still in the dark ages?
    • Supergaming – Install a pause button in your Atari joystick without delay!
    • Championship Videogaming – Our readers provide player’s tips on Dragon’s Lair, Star Wars and more.
    • Conquering – All the help you’ll need to keep the Mario Brothers from going down the drain.
    • Behind the Scenes – Are videogames works of art and thus deserving of copyright protection?
    • Chip Ahoy – An all-too-brief glimpse at upcoming video and computergames.
    • Input – Praise and damnation from our readers.
    • RAMblings – Reviews of new strategy and arcade-style computergames.
    • Computereyes – Computer graphics in the home and in the professional studios.
    • Focus On: Questing Games – A new wave of videogames provide incentives other than point accumulation.
    • Video Victor
    • You Read It Here First

    …and more!

  • Computer Play (October 1988)


    Source: Computer Play – Issue Number 3 – October 1988

    Though it seem relatively obscure today, Computer Play was once the only competition out there for Computer Gaming World. The October 1988 issue includes:


    • Editor’s Page – Thoughts about software piracy.
    • Letters – Our readers talk back.
    • Hints & Tips – Help with your favorite games.
    • Company Addresses – Software game manufacturers.
    • Scorecard – How we review games.
    • Marketplace – Display and classified advertising.
    • Coming Attractions – Next issue’s features.
    • Advertiser Index – Reader service information.


    • Industry News & Views – What’s new in the biz.
    • Channel Three – Nintendo and Sega news.
    • Snapshots – Brief looks at new (and old) games.
    • MacGames – Have fun with your Mac.


    • Unite China – Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
    • Beautiful Music – Jam Session helps you create.
    • Fencing Lessons – The challenge of Death Sword.
    • Terrorist Attacks – Skim the waves on Pegasus.
    • Rule the Skies – Hellcat Ace provides excitement.
    • Sports Special – Enter the world of sports games in a special section: John Elway’s Quarterback, Super Sunday, TV Football, Pro/NFL Challenge, GFL Football, GBA Basketball, Sporting News Baseball, Pete Rose Pennant Fever, Computerized Card Collecting, Hardball, RBI Baseball, Leader Board Golf, sports game listing.

    …and more!