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  • Video Games (December 1982)

    Source: Video Games – Volume 1, Number 3 – December 1982

    Video Games was an early 1980s video game magazine covering systems like the Atari 2600, ColecoVision, Intellivision, Arcadia 2001, Vectrex and others of the time. The December 1982 issue includes:


    • Video Games Interview: Ken Uston – From stockbroker to blackjack whiz to video game maven, the celebrated author knows no bounds. An exclusive interview by Roger Dionne.
    • Programming for Dollars – Game designers are turning ideas into megabucks. Who are they, how do they do it and could you become one of them? Dale Archibald is on the case.
    • The Selling of Intellivision – The maker of Barbie has come a long way, baby. An inside look at Mattel and its prime-time duel with Atari. Also, a rare interview with George Pimpton. Susan Prince and Steve Hanks do the job.
    • The House That Pac Built – Space Invaders, Galaxian, Pac-Man, Gorf, Ms. Pac-Man, Tron! Midway Manufacturing has done them all. On the even of the Company’s 25th anniversary, Andrea Stone paid a visit to the coin-op Goliath.

    Special Section

    • From Cutoffs To Pinstripes – On Atari’s 10th birthday, Video Games brings you the company that started it all. An incredible report by Steve Bloom.


    • Hyperspace – A few words of hype from the editor.
    • Double Speak – Some words of advice from our readers.
    • Blips – Pac-Man gets a TV show, gamer clubs, Siggraph ’82, drugs in arcades, the latest and greatest high scores, why Wall Street is saying all those terrible things about video games.
    • Soft Spot – Perry Greenberg pulls no punches as he guides you through the ever-expanding software maze. Reviews of 16 brand new cartridges, including Atlantis, Pitfall and The Empire Strikes Back.
    • Book Beat – The mad, mad, mad world of a video game book author. Between hands of poker and the change of cartridges, Roger Dionne found the time to tell us how it’s done.
    • Coin-Op Shop – Eugene Jarvis returns with more expert opinions on the latest batch of quarter-eaters. Je also has a few things to say about Tron.
    • Hard Sell – The TV-game system that nobody knows. Introducing Emerson’s Arcadia 2001. Critique by Sue Adamo.
    • Comic Relief – Our resident funny men are back on the loose. John Holmstrom’s “Bernie,” Gene Williams’ “Joysticks,” and Peter Bugge “Video Kid.”
    • Outtakes

    …and more!

  • TV Gamer (Autumn 1983)

    Source: TV Gamer – Autumn 1983

    TV Gamer was a relatively short lived U.K. based video games magazine published between 1983 and 1985. The final two issues would be incorporated into Big K. The Fall 1983 issue includes:

    • Guide to the Listings
      • explaining our software listing system and games categories
    • System Reviews
      • CBS/Colecovision: details of the first three modules and news of the third module’s computer update
      • Atari: still the most popular TV games system in the world
      • Intellivision: news of some new accessories
      • Vectrex: advance news of some incredible add-ons
    • Software Reviews
      • CBS/Colecovision
      • Atari
      • Intellivision
      • Vectrex
    • Consumer Guide
      • looking at controllers and accessories
    • Special Report
      • the Supercharger tested
    • Competitions
      • Win a Coleco and an Atari adapter!
      • Win a Vectrex!
    • Club News
      • Letter
      • Where to buy
      • Questionnaire
      • Subscription form
      • Trade information

    …and more!

  • Video Games Player (August/September 1983)

    Source: Video Games Player – August/September 1983

    The awkwardly named ‘Video Games Player’ was another short-lived early 1980s video games magazine that had the misfortune to begin around the time of the crash. The August/September 1983 issue includes:

    First Wave – News

    • Hot Gossip
    • The Video Games Gazette
    • Win An Arcade Game! – Enter our contest at your local 7-Eleven
    • New Products
    • Lights! Camera! Action! Roll ‘Em! – Here come the latest batch of games based on hit movies
    • What’s In Store For You – Who’s coming out with what
    • How To Turn Your Atari Into A Computer
    • The Hotline – The latest news as we go to press
    • Are You A Computer Nerd?

    Second Wave – Clues

    • Can You Survive? – We put you in a tricky situation
    • Beat It! – We show you how to rip apart Popeye, Pole Position, Keystone Kapers and Centipede
    • The World According To Q*Bert – We caught the lovable munchkin on a bad day

    Third Wave – Reviews

    • 1983 Golden Joystick Awards – We pick the games of the year
    • Video Game Buyer’s Guide
    • Colecovision Vs. Atari 5200 – Which super system should you buy?
    • Computer Game Buyer’s Guide
    • A Year’s Worth of Quarters – Winner of our Design A Video Game contest

    …and more!