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  • TV Gamer (Autumn 1983)

    Source: TV Gamer – Autumn 1983

    TV Gamer was a relatively short lived U.K. based video games magazine published between 1983 and 1985. The final two issues would be incorporated into Big K. The Fall 1983 issue includes:

    • Guide to the Listings
      • explaining our software listing system and games categories
    • System Reviews
      • CBS/Colecovision: details of the first three modules and news of the third module’s computer update
      • Atari: still the most popular TV games system in the world
      • Intellivision: news of some new accessories
      • Vectrex: advance news of some incredible add-ons
    • Software Reviews
      • CBS/Colecovision
      • Atari
      • Intellivision
      • Vectrex
    • Consumer Guide
      • looking at controllers and accessories
    • Special Report
      • the Supercharger tested
    • Competitions
      • Win a Coleco and an Atari adapter!
      • Win a Vectrex!
    • Club News
      • Letter
      • Where to buy
      • Questionnaire
      • Subscription form
      • Trade information

    …and more!