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  • Mario Bros. (Atari 2600, Atari 5200)

    Before Nintendo and Super Mario Bros. took over there world, there was Atari and Mario Bros. Of course, Nintendo still made the original arcade game but it was popular on Atari (and other) systems of the time more so than the NES. It was of course released for the NES also but by the time the NES gained popularity, the original Super Mario Bros. had the far better Super Mario Bros. to contend with.

    Like Super Mario Brothers, Mario Brothers also feature the Italian plumber duo, Mario and Luigi. Even the turtles and pipes will look familiar. However, whereas Super Mario Bros. was a side-scrolling game with many varied levels, the original Mario Bros. was played on a single screen at a time on levels that really didn’t vary all that much.

    Atari 2600

    That isn’t to say that Mario Brothers isn’t any fun. It’s a lot of fun in the way that many classic arcade games are. It’s just that you aren’t likely to spend nearly as much time in one sitting playing it as its sequels. It’s a much smaller game in which score is more important than completion.

    In the original Mario Bros., the goals are a bit simpler. There is no princess to rescue but just turtles and crabs and flies to knock over and kick. You must first jump up and hit below where they are standing to knock them over then you have a limited amount of time to kick them off of the platform before they right themselves. To progress to the next level you must collect a certain number of coins. This game introduced Luigi and when playing two-players, it is a competition to see who can collect the requisite number of coins first.

    Atari 5200

    The ad and screenshots above are for the Atari versions of the game but it was released on a number of other contemporary platforms and more recently for the Wii, Wii U and Nintendo Switch so there are modern ways to play it as well. It’s a fun game worth playing, just don’t expect Super Mario level of quality here. I personally like it better than its predecessor Donkey Kong but I’m probably in the minority.

  • Video Games (December 1982)

    Source: Video Games – Volume 1, Number 3 – December 1982

    Video Games was an early 1980s video game magazine covering systems like the Atari 2600, ColecoVision, Intellivision, Arcadia 2001, Vectrex and others of the time. The December 1982 issue includes:


    • Video Games Interview: Ken Uston – From stockbroker to blackjack whiz to video game maven, the celebrated author knows no bounds. An exclusive interview by Roger Dionne.
    • Programming for Dollars – Game designers are turning ideas into megabucks. Who are they, how do they do it and could you become one of them? Dale Archibald is on the case.
    • The Selling of Intellivision – The maker of Barbie has come a long way, baby. An inside look at Mattel and its prime-time duel with Atari. Also, a rare interview with George Pimpton. Susan Prince and Steve Hanks do the job.
    • The House That Pac Built – Space Invaders, Galaxian, Pac-Man, Gorf, Ms. Pac-Man, Tron! Midway Manufacturing has done them all. On the even of the Company’s 25th anniversary, Andrea Stone paid a visit to the coin-o