Compute! (July 1984)


Source: Compute! – Issue Number 50 – July 1984

If there was a home computer available in the U.S. (and there were a lot of them) then Compute! covered it at some point. The July 1984 issue of Compute! includes:


  • Evolutionary to the Core: The Apple IIc Heads for Home
  • How to Choose A Home Data Program
  • The ABC’s of Data Bases
  • The Promise of Things to Come: Atari’s New Lease on Life

Education and Recreation

  • Statistics for Nonstaticians
  • Bunny Hop
  • Blueberries


  • M’File for the Commodore 64
  • AtariWriter

Columns and Departments

  • The Editor’s Notes
  • Readers’ Feedback
  • The World Inside The Computer: Computing Together
  • The Beginner’s Page: Trapping Bugs
  • Computers and Society: Technostress
  • Learning with Computers: The Computer Speaks, But Will It Listen?
  • INSIGHT: Atari
  • 64 Explorer
  • Machine Language: Decimal Mode, Part 1
  • Programming the TI: Programming Techniques in TI BASIC

The Journal

  • Atari Artist
  • Programming 64 Sound, Part 2
  • Applesoft Lister
  • Program Conversion With Sinclair BASIC and TI BASIC
  • Commodore 64 ROM Generations
  • Atari MacroDOS: Part 2
  • Commodore Garbage Collection, Part 2

…and more!