2 Responses to Compute! – Issue Number 55 – December 1984

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  2. Compute! was a long running 1980s computer magazine that covered a wide variety of popular home computers of the time. Contents of this issue includes:


    Controlling Your Home By Computer
    Personal Finance Made Simple
    MSX is Coming, Part 1

    Education and Recreation

    Things in the Dark

    Logo for the 64
    Microsoft Flight Simulator for PC & PCjr

    Columns and Departments

    The Editor’s Notes
    Readers’ Feedback
    The World Inside The Computer: Muppet Roundup
    The Beginner’s Page
    Computers And Society: Of Cats, Kids And Computers
    Telecomputing Today
    Machine Language: A Simple Sort
    IBM Personal Computing: Christmas Shopping For An IBM
    INSIGHT: Atari
    Programming The TI: Multiplication Maze

    The Journal

    64 Paintbox
    VIC Music Maker
    Applesoft Searcher
    Conic Curve Plotter
    The Basics Of Commodore 64 Hi-Res Graphics
    Atari’s “Hidden” Character Modes
    IBM Personalized Form Letters