Next Generation, Issue Number 8, September 1997


As the 32-bit generation entered its prime, Next Generation became my favorite gaming magazine. It was more mature than most with a wealth of in-depth and often technical information. Unfortunately, it didn’t last all that long.

The September 1997 issue includes:

    • Cover Story – Shiny’s Messiah – An in depth look at one of the most revolutionary PC games revealed this year. We talk to the developers about the amazing new 3D technology employed in the game and with Dave Perry about what the game should mean to the industry.
    • Our Man in Washington – Next Generation speaks to Doug Lowenstein, current president of the interactive Digital Software Association (IDSA) about his work in our nation’s capital on behalf of the nation’s computer and videogame industry (and gameplayers)
    • From Concept to Game Plan – Got a game idea that just has to get made? it needs a design document. Next Generation shows you how to create effective documentation for your idea, and perhaps more importantly, we tell you what to do with it once you’ve got it
    • Talking – IDSA President Speaks – Doug Lowenstein speaks out on behalf of the game industry in our nation’s capital. Find out what Senator Lieberman is really like
    • Breaking – News
      • M2 is Dead (special)
      • Movers ‘n’ Shakers (business news)
      • Joyriding (online gaming news)
      • Arcadia (coin-op news and updates)
    • NG Special – From Concept to Game Plan – Most of us know what a film screenplay looks like, but what about a game design? This month Next Generation reveals what it takes to put together a professional design document and a few other things you’ll need to know if you’re serious about getting your game made.
    • NG Software – Alphas – Previewed this month: Messiah (PC CD-ROM), Daikatana (PC CD-ROM), Psybadek (PlayStation), Monster Rancher (PlayStation), Prey (PC-CD-ROM), Earthworm Jim 3D (N64)
    • Next Generation Online – The most respected videogame website in the world. News updated daily
    • NG Special – The Way Games Ought to Be – Exploring the cutting edge with Neil West: what force feedback could mean for gaming
  • Rating – Finals – We separate the winners from the losers. Reviewed this month: Multi Racing Championship, Poy Poy, Shining The Holy Ark, Blood, Carmaggedon, Dungeon Keeper, Sega Super GT, Comanche 3, WipeOut XL, and more

…and more!