MicroComputer Printout (November 1982)

Source: MicroComputer Printout – November 1982

MicroComputer Printout was a U.K. based computer magazine published in the early 1980s. It covered the various mostly 8-bit computers of the time and included type-in programs. The November 1982 issue includes:

  • Brochures – How to see through the sales talk.
  • Computer People – How to recognize them, and how to be one-up!
  • Alternatives to Keyboards – Speech recognition, light pens and bar codes are all ways of getting round this bottleneck.


  • Seven Deadly Sins – The right and wrong way to run a business computer.
  • Japan – and a Thinking Micro – The Japanese are now developing a personal computer with frightening powers of reason.
  • Player-Missile Graphics – How to get stunning effects from your Atari.
  • Meeting Scheduler – An invaluable program for busy managers. Full listing.
  • How it Works – What does a Disk Operating System do?
  • Microscope – How much memory do you really need?


  • Tommy’s Tips – Programming problems solved here.
  • Read/Write – Where the readers fight back.
  • Hotline – Lots of new micros and an interview with the man who invented Microsoft BASIC.
  • Rex Malik’s Joke Book – Some ‘unofficial’ laws of computing.
  • Inside Trader – More writ-defying libel.

Cover Story

  • Database – Probably the most heavily promoted and least understood computer program on the market, a database is one of the most efficient ways of computerizing your business. But how do you chose between the many packages on the market? We explain.

…and more!