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  • Personal Computing Today (February 1983)

    Source: Personal Computing Today – February 1983

    Personal Computing Today was a computer magazine published in the U.K. in the early and mid 1980s. North American readers would find some familiar machines like the TRS-80 and VIC-20 but some of the computers covered were U.K. based like the BBC Micro. The February 1983 issue includes:

    • Spectrum Software: Spectrum Zap – Do battle once more with the malevolent mutants from Mars in this all killing, all blasting game for the Spectrum.
    • News – Brush up on the latest comings and goings in the computer scene.
    • Letters – Comments or criticisms? Then this is your page.
    • TRS-80 Software: Spelling Test – Let your Tandy test your spelling. With this program you can set up your own custom spelling tests.
    • BBC Software: Squash – Learn how to program moving ball graphics and end up playing the computer a game of Squash.
    • Next Month – Find out what we’ll be up to in March.
    • Atari Technique: Quick on the Draw – Find out more about the internal workings of your Atari’s graphics.
    • Review – Catch up with our review team in their latest escapades from the world of computer software.
    • ZX81 Microspot: Instring Routine – Find out how to simulate this useful command on your own micro.
    • Program Submissions – Want your name in print? Here’s what you have to do.
    • BBC Review: BBC Disc System – Thinking about treating your Beeb to some discs? Consult our review first and avoid the pitfalls.
    • Letters: Micro Answers – If your Spectrum won’t speak to you, or your RAM pack has rebelled, then drop us a line and we will set the experts on them.
    • Sord: Review: The Sord’s Edge – As the Japanese prepare to do battle for the control of the home computer market, Personal Computing Today agents sneaked a look at one of their secret weapons.
    • UK 101 Software: UK Blitz – Bring your plane in for a safe landing by flattening the city below you.
    • Survey – Personal Computing Today is your magazine, so complete our survey and help us give you what you want.
    • Programming: Gamesboard – This month’s Gamesboard will tell you all you need to know about setting up your own personal adventure.
    • VIC 20 Software: One Touch Entry – Add a single key entry system to your VIC 20 with this invaluable program.
    • BBC Hardware: Using Cassette Recorders – All you need to know about choosing, connecting and caring for your cassette recorder.
    • Reference: Factfile – Mystified by the massive choice of micros? The Factfile will help you gain your perspective.
    • Reference: Software Checklist – If you want a Toolkit for your Tandy or a Breakout for your BBC then turn to the Checklist to solve your problem.
    • Reference: Micro Terms – If you’re flummoxed by files of baffled by bytes then Micro Terms will straighten you out.

    …and more!

  • Input – Issue Number 2

    Source: Input – Issue Number 2

    Input was a short-lived magazine published in the U.K. in 1984-1985 but it was published weekly so there are a lot of them. It covered the subject of home computer programming. Computers covered included the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, BBC Micro, Acorn Electron, Dragon 32, Sinclair ZX81, Commodore VIC-20 and Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer. Issue number 2 includes:

    • BASIC Programming 3
      • The Computer As Decision-Maker – How IF…THEN is used. Three-way and multiple choices
    • Machine Code 2
      • 10-Minute Games Graphics – Binary/decimal and binary/hex conversions. Planning graphics.
    • Applications
      • Streamline Your Hobbies Files: 1 – A datafile program to index – or cross-index – your hobbies.
    • Games Programming 2
      • Right…Up…Left…Fire! – Use GET$ and INKEY$ to get your games programs moving.
    • BASIC Programming 4
      • The Programmer’s Road Signs – How to jump lines using GOTO, ON…GOTO and GOSUB.

    …and more!