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  • FS-UAE 2.6.1

    FS-UAE 2.6.1, an Amiga emulator for multiple platforms has been released. Changes include:

    • Updated emulation code from WinUAE 3.1.0.
    • Support for PPC emulation (can run AmigaOS 4.x) via QEMU-UAE plugin.
    • More emulated hardware support (Toccata, A2061, Picasso IV, …).
    • Better support for modern OS versions due to using SDL 2.0.
    • Built-in support for multiple displays, and fixes for HiDPI displays.
    • The Launcher supports modern OS versions better due to using QT 5.x.
    • Much improved FS-UAE Launcher user interface.
    • FS-UAE mouse integration (Workbench cursor follows host cursor).
    • Updated internal kickstart replacement from AROS.
    • Dual joystick/mouse mode for joystick port 0.
    • Official builds for SteamOS (Linux + Steam runtime).
    • OS X apps are now digitally signed (Apple Developer ID).
    • Support for JIT direct memory access (much faster JIT).
    • Many bug fixes



  • MAME 0.162

    As of 0.162 the MAME and MESS projects have been combined into a single emulator. The changes listed below cover both.

    MAME is in the process of becoming a Free and Open Source project. If you have contributed code and we have not
    contacted you yet regarding this license change, or if you believe you are miscredited in the source code, please
    contact us.

    MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
    – 05940: [Documentation] (harddriv.c) harddriv: Wrong release year for parent set of Hard Drivin’ (Tempora)
    – 05936: [Crash/Freeze] (sigmab98.c) sammymdl: Crash with exception (Robbbert)
    – 05935: [Crash/Freeze] (iteagle.c) iteagle: Crash/Exception after failed IDE detection (Robbbert)
    – 05910: [Crash/Freeze] (harddriv.c) racedriv: Reset causes segmentation fault (Alex Jackson)
    – 05911: [Core] (harddriv.c) harddriv, racedriv, steeltal, strtdriv, racedrivpan: GSP TIME OUT ERROR (Osso)
    – 04911: [Flip Screen/Cocktail] (darkseal.c) All games in darkseal.c: Flip Screen does not work at all (Osso)
    – 05924: [Crash/Freeze] (spectrum.c) spectrum: Infinite interrupt service routine loop bug (MetalliC)

    Source Changes
    -m24: add z8000 apb support [Carl, Andreas Senk, rfka01]

    -gambl186: update communication with EEPROM [Peter Ferrie]

    -add more (undumped, needed) roms as NO_DUMP to the VT100 driver
    after consulting later VT100 Tech manual. Correct one misnamed
    undumped rom on the GPO board. [Lord Nightmare]

    -Add newer VT320 Firmware [Matt Burke]

    -Optimized some netlist devices. [Couriersud]

    -Added colour overlay to breakout. [Couriersud]

    -Add VT220 V2.1 ROMs and VT220 Character Generator Rom [Matt Burke]

    -Correct VT220 xtal, and add the romset listed in the schematics as NO_DUMP. [Lord Nightmare]

    -vt240.c: Add two DEC VT240 ROMsets and enable driver [Matt Burke, Balrog, Lord Nightmare]

    -Added 4 controller support for N64/N64DD, as well as rough mouse
    support… [LuigiBlood]

    -miniboy7: fixed video emulation and added inputs. [Sandro Ronco]

    -pet_rom.xml: Added BASIC Programmer’s Toolkit for BASIC 2.0
    [Mike Naberezny]

    -DEC Rainbow updates: [Karl-Ludwig Deisenhofer]
    * Hard disk R/W support and real-time clock support emulating
    ClikClok card.
    * wd2010: provides IRQ / (B)DRQ signals. Honors DRIVE_READY and WRITE
    FAULT (DRDY / WF) now. Set WF to GND and DRDY to VCC in your
    driver if signals are not serviced.
    * ds1315 : Handle chip enable / chip reset / phantom writes to RTC.

    -Update 315_5124.c palette in TMS99x8 modes [nitrofurano]

    -Drop NO_SDL_GLEXT define on OSX [mbcoguno]

    -VT240: Map the T11 roms into cpu space in the correct
    order/interleave [Lord Nightmare]

    -ibm5170.xml: Add disks from various sources: [Justin Kerk]
    * Make Original Diskettes images from an Acer hard drive recovery CD
    * archive.org uploads from dashcloud
    * Own Kryoflux reads

    – Added a lot of findings and docs to the WMS driver. These are video slots
    identified as WMS 360 / 550. Also added the proper crystals, correct CPU,
    frequency, preliminary memory map, 2 new sets, and technical info.
    [Roberto Fresca]

    -Breakout: Hooked up antenna and free game dip switch as well. [Couriersud]

    -added Seiko Epson E0C6200 cpu emulation [hap]

    -started on Mitsubishi MELPS 4 cpu emulation [hap]

    – WMS driver… Hooked the Analog Devices ADSP-2105 CPU (still need
    proper memory maps). Added technical notes. [Roberto Fresca]

    -gambl186: Worked a complete s