Commodore World (June 1994)


Source: Commodore World – Issue Number 2 – June 1994

Commodore World was one of the last magazines you could get that was dedicated to the Commodore 64, at least in North America. It lasted for a few years after Commodore went bankrupt. The June 1994 issue includes:


  • Commodore Trivia – How well do you know your Commodore facts?
  • Special Report: Commodore In Liquidation – Get up-to-date on this unfolding Commodore story
  • Internet: Today’s Information Superhighway? – A look at the Internet and the upcoming information revolution
  • Hard Tips – Some things to try when your computer starts acting illogical


  • I Paint – Our staff reviewer checks out this powerful C-128 Interlaced drawing program
  • I Port – Find out all about this C-128 graphics conversion utility
  • SmartMouse – A first look at the new input device from CMD
  • MiniViews – Our new mini-review section with a look at some C-64 games


  • Just For Starters – Why our computers don’t always understand us
  • Foreign Exchange – Quick peeks at a couple of European programs for RAMLink users
  • Graphic Interpretation – Steve gets sidetracked on his way to writing this issue’s column on GEOS
  • GeoProgrammist – Create your first GEOS program
  • Basic Instincts – Last issue’s BIG GUNS becomes the new STARSHIP CONQUEST
  • Advanced Techniques – Applying relocatable machine language to create ‘common code’ 64/128 programs
  • Peripheral Vision – An introduction to SCSI devices and commands
  • Carrier Detect – Commodore Guru Jim Butterfield makes a guest appearance on GEnie
  • Over The Edge – What Commodore’s Liquidation means to 8-bit users


  • From The Editor
  • Backtalk
  • Just Asking
  • On The Horizon
  • The Connection
  • User Group Connection
  • Top Tips
  • On-Line News Nibbles
  • BBS Spotlight
  • Advertiser’s Index