River Chase (Commodore 64)

‘River Chase’

[C64] [USA] [MAGAZINE, BANNER] [1983]

  • Info-64, Fall 1983 (#01)

    • Scanned by Jason Scott, via The Internet Archive


River chase was a very early game for the Commodore 64. It is somewhat a clone of River Raid but is a little different. The story is unimportant but as the player, you control a boat which is trying to escape another boat. This other boat is of course shooting at you. You are not completely defenseless however as you can drop mines behind you. There are a variety of obstacles to avoid as well.

As Commodore 64 games go, this one isn’t very exciting. However, for the time it was released, it wasn’t bad. River Raid is more complex and quite a bit better in a variety of ways but this one has its own unique gameplay as well.

Unfortunately, if you want to play this one you will have to track down an original or find a disk or tape image to use with an emulator. This is quite an obscure title and original copies probably won’t be easy to find. The early days of the Commodore 64 were filled with relatively obscure clones of arcade games, some more unique and better than others.

The above ad is from the Fall 1983 issue of Info 64. This was the first issue of this Commodore 64 specific magazine.