Computer Entertainment (May 1985)

Computer Entertainment May 1985 Page 001 (Cover)
Computer Entertainment
May 1985
Page 001 (Cover)

Source: Computer Entertainment – May 1985

Electronic Games evolved into Computer Entertainment after the crash of the video game market. It didn’t last very long in this form and few video or computer game magazines survived at this time. Computer Gaming World was about the only one until video game magazines were reborn after the introduction of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The May 1985 issue of Computer Entertainment includes:

  • On-Line
  • Bulletin Board
  • Line Feed – Letters from foreign and domestic correspondents.
  • A Hippie In Yuppie’s Clothing – Software designer Tom Snyder has gone from The Most Amazing Thing to The Other Side.
  • Jog, Run, Boot – Exercise software that goes the distance.
  • So You Wan To Be An Oscar Meyer Weiner – Read it and laugh.
  • Finder of Lost Arcade Games – CE tracks down some very interesting games that never made it out of the designers’ labs.
  • What’s Elizabeth Taylor’s Favorite Bourbon – Caught up in the trivia craze? Now your micro can get into t