Commodore Magazine (July 1987)


Source: Commodore Magazine – July 1987

Commodore Magazine was the last iteration of Commodore’s official magazine. Before Commodore Magazine, they published two separate publications, one emphasizing business and productivity use and the other emphasizing entertainment and hobby use. This final iteration actually only lasted a couple of years but it is the one I bought so it seems longer to me. It covered the Commodore 64, Commodore 128 and Amiga. The July 1987 issue includes:


  • Software Reviews
    • Robot Rascals
    • Gridiron!
    • Killed Until Dead
    • The American Challenge
    • Championship Wrestling
    • Battlefront
    • The Perfect College
    • Thinking Cap
    • Hollywood Hijinx
    • Pocket Writer 2
    • USCD Pascal
    • Buzzword
  • Adventure Road
    • The Pawn: England’s Finest Hour
  • Hardware Reviews
    • Turbo ROM
    • TIC
  • The Inside Track
    • Tech Notes
  • Telecommunications
    • Inside QuantumLink
    • Connect!
  • Jiffies
    • Getting It Straight
    • 64-Mode Numeric Keypad
  • Computer Tutor
    • C Tutorial, Part 4
  • Technical Tips
    • Interfacing Commodore’s User Port, Part 3: How to Build Light and Heat Transducers, a Toxic Gas Detector, and a Biofeedback Monitor
    • Enigma
    • Making the Bubble Better
  • 64 Users Only
    • Total Control
  • 128 Users Only
    • The 128 Mode
    • Using KoalaPainter Files on the 128
  • Amiga Update
    • AmigaBASIC Tutorial
    • Amiga Public Domain Software
  • Game Programs
    • Concentration
    • Blimps
    • Parimutuel Racing


  • Saturday Night Software – Who says your Commodore 64 or Amiga can’t be the life of the party?
  • Real Life In A Box – Trip Hawkins, president of Electronic Arts, likens himself to a pioneer in a three-piece suit. See why in this exclusive interview.
  • The Carver Gang: Still At Large – Part one of a two-part look behind the scenes at Access Software, publishers of hits like Beach Head II, Leader Board and 10th Frame.

…and more!