Commodore Microcomputers (May/June 1986)


Source: Commodore Microcomputers – Issue Number 41 – May June 1986

Commodore Microcomputers was an official Commodore publication that eventually evolved into Commodore Magazine. It covered whatever Commodore computers were currently being supported by Commodore. In 1986 that included the Commodore 64, Commodore 128 and Amiga. The May/June 1986 issue of Commodore Microcomputers includes:


  • Letters
  • News
  • Software Reviews
    • Richard Petty’s Talladega
    • Hardball
    • Koronis Rift
    • Spy vs. Spy II
    • Black Thunder
    • The Crimson Crown
    • Silent Service
    • Lifeplan
    • Nine Princes in Amber
    • Winnie the Pooh
    • Alice in Wonderland
    • Elite
  • Silicon Valley Insider
    • New Products from the Valley
  • Jiffies
    • Abstract
    • Family Record Sheet
    • Paycheck
  • Game Programs
    • Speed Boat Race for the 64
    • Rotation Tag for the 128
  • Commodore 128 Users Only
    • BASIC 7.0 Makes Programming Easy
    • 128 Drawing Tablet
    • ArcheType: A Word Processor
  • Commodore 64 Users Only
    • In Search of Perfect INPUT
  • Technical Tips
    • Inside the 1571
  • Book Reviews
    • Personal Computer Communications
    • 1541 User’s Guide


  • Special Insert: Amiga Buyer’s Guide – Everything you need to know about products for the Amiga – what’s available now, and what’s in development.
  • Compact Disks: The Next Revolution? – Compact disks are incredibly fast, practically indestructible, and can store enormous amounts of data. Are they the next wave in computer data storage? If so, how will that change the way you use your computer?
  • Robot Maker – Turn a radio-controlled toy vehicle into a home robot using the simple do-it-yourself interface and your Commodore 64.
  • Animation in AmigaBASIC – An elementary how-to that will help you get started using the Amiga’s space-age animation command in your programs.
  • GEOS for the Commodore 64 – A new operating environment for the 64 creates a “desktop” environment of menus, icons and windows.

…and more!