ANALOG Computing (December 1986)


Source: ANALOG Computing – December 1986 

ANALOG computing was probably the best magazine for Atari 8-bit computers. It also sometimes included ST-Log as an insert which covered the Atari ST but ANALOG was always primarily a magazine for the 8-bit Atari computers. The December 1986 issue includes:


  • Status report – An insider’s look at the confusing world of expansions and upgrades.
  • The Atari 8-bit Gift Guide – The old and the new – a plethora of ideas to make your holiday season merry.
  • TechPop – Give your computer some rhythm and sound with this Action! program.
  • ST-Log – ANALOG Computing’s ST magazine.
  • Smiles and other facial wrinkles – One programmer’s views on how to make your own software masterpieces creative and entertaining.
  • Brickworks – With this assembly language program, you can build pictures with “bricks,” edit and even animate them.
  • Fortune-Wheel – Spin the wheel – buy a vowel or guess the answer in this two-player game.


  • HardBall! (Accolade) – A hard look at the latest baseball game – is it major league or a strike-out?
  • Panak strikes! – Beach-Head II (Access Software) and Wizard’s Crown (SSI), Transylvania and The Crimson Crown (Polarware) are examined this month by our resident game expert.


  • Editorial
  • Reader comment
  • M/L Editor
  • 8-bit news
  • Atari users’ groups
  • Database Delphi
  • Boot Camp
  • Atari computer fairs
  • Index to advertisers