Electronic Gaming Monthly, March 1999

Electronic Gaming Monthly, March 1999

Electronic Gaming Monthly was one of the best and longest lasting video games magazines there ever were. Though past its peak in 1999, it was still a good magazine. The March 1999 issue includes:


  • Mario Party – If there was ever a game you wouldn’t want to play all alone, this is it. Mario Party is the ultimate interactive board game. We blow out all the minigames that make this multiplayer wonder so much fun.
  • The Year of Nintendo? – Just ’cause you’ve beaten Zelda doesn’t mean your N64 should start collecting dust again. Believe it or not, some pretty big games are on the way in ’99. We examine the titles that could make ’99 a very good year for Nintendo fans.
  • EGM Grudge Match – Dinosaurs or spies – which are more fun to kill? We answer that question and others as we put Turok 2 and GoldenEye 007 to a high-powered duel.


  • Editorial – Johnny England is all about group participation. Find out why.
  • Letters – Believe it or not, some of you disagree with our reviews.
  • News – PlayStation games on your Mac, thanks to new emulators.
  • Gaming Gossip – What comes after the Dreamcast? Look here for info.
  • Review Crew – Castlevania, Syphon Filter and Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX.
  • Reader Reviews – We love Reader Reviews! Watch this section grow and grow.
  • Review Archive – A listing of all the scores we’ve given games in recent months.
  • Jump Start – We give you the skinny on the multiplayer modes in Turok 2.
  • Tricks of the Trade – All kinds of kick-ass cheats for South Park.
  • Get Some! – What is it about cool silver electronics that make us want them?
  • The Final Word – Crispin is sick of deathmatch modes. More love, man…


  • Dreamcast Previews – Sonic Adventure, Shenmue and Buggy Heat.
  • Nintendo 64 Previews – We have loads of N64 previews this month, including Quake II, Mario Gold 64, Beetle Adventure Racing, updates for Perfect Dark, Twelve Tales: Conker 64 and Jet Force Gemini and plenty more.
  • PlayStation Previews – Ace Combat 3, a Final Fantasy VIII update, NFS: High Stakes, Driver and others.
  • GB Color Previews – Crazy Castle 3 and Pokemon Card GB.
  • Arcade Previews – This month: Revenge From Mars.

…and more!