Run, July/August 1992

Run, July/August 1992

When I was a kid, after I got my Commodore 64, I would ride my bike down to a nearby grocery store and buy the latest issue of Commodore Magazine every month. Once that magazine folded, I started buy Run (which absorbed some of Commodore Magazine’s material). That would have been around 1989. By 1992 the Commodore 64 was really an outdated relic and the magazine was nearing the end of its days. If the reduced page count wasn’t an indication, then publishing only every other month in the Summer should have been a clue. It still had great content though if you were a kid with a Commodore 64. The July/August 1992 issue includes:


  • Shareware – The best things in life really are free…or almost. Some of the best programs for Commodore computers today are available for little or no money.
  • Downloading from Q-Link – To find public domain and shareware files by the thousands, check Q-Link.
  • File Types You’ll Encounter – SDA? SFX? ARC? Definitions of the most common file designations.
  • Look and Load – Use RAM under Kernal ROM to list and load programs with a single keystroke.
  • Bowl ‘N’ Score – This program stores your weekly bowling scores and automatically calculates statistics that can help you improve your standings in the league.
  • GEOS 101 – If you want to learn GEOS but don’t know where to begin, you’ve just found the answer. Part one of an introductory course.
  • Ellen’s Rules – A comprehensive guide to computer care from RUN’s long-time expert.
  • Organizing Your Software – A sure-fire method for imposing order on even the largest software collections.
  • Leap Frog – You’ll be knee-deep, knee-deep in fun with this game of amphibian action.


  • RUNning Ruminations – It wouldn’t take a super sleuth to notice the difference in the magazine of late. The big cheese tells why we changed our look – and then changed it back again.
  • Mail RUN – First-hand feedback on products by CMD and FGM, plus responses to issues past.
  • Software Gallery – Reviews of:
    • The Simpson’s Arcade Game
    • TMNT: The Arcade Game
    • SWAP
    • The Blues Brothers
    • Tony La Rusa’s Ultimate Baseball
  • Magic – Save screens to disk, flash messages in your programs and keep track of your drives.
  • News and New Products – Commodore users aren’t like everyone else. Special products that meet our needs.
  • Commodore Clinic – The “doctor” writes prescriptions for disk drives, GEOS and PC keyboards.
  • 128 Mode – A special 128 Mode for sports fans: Roundball Roundup ranks athletic teams just like the analysts do.
  • The Game Plan: How Roundball Roundup Works – Calculations and formulas that make Roundball Roundup so reliable.
  • RUN’s Checksum Program
  • Curtain Call – 24-pin printers are not out of reach for the Commodore user. The Star Micronics NX-2430 is a perfect example – it’s a luxury printer for the budget-minded consumer.

…and more!