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  • Commodore World – Issue Number 1 – April 1994

    The premiere issue of Commodore World.


    Source: Commodore World – Issue Number 1 – April 1994

  • Commodore MicroComputers, Issue 34, March/April 1985


    Source: Commodore MicroComputer Issue 34 1985 Mar Apr-001

    Commodore Microcomputers was Commodore’s official magazine in 1985. At this point is was mostly the Commodore 64 that was being covered but the Commodore 128 was newly arrived and starting to see coverage and you could still find a bit about the VIC-20 and PET lines as well. Eventually it would merge with other Commodore publications and become a monthly title called Commodore Magazine. The March/April 1985 issue of Commodore Microcomputers includes:

    Software Reviews

    • Operation Frog
    • Cave of the Word Wizard
    • Your Personal Net Worth
    • Relax
    • MicroIllustrator
    • Webster the Word Game
    • Scratchpad 64
    • Kwik-Load!
    • Facemaker
    • Darkstar
    • Speedreader II
    • Script 64
    • The ELF System
    • Speedwriter
    • VICTree
    • Passport’s MIDI

    Hardware Reviews

    • Modem/300
    • Super Box 64
    • Covox Voice Master

    Programmers’ Tips

    • So You’re Using Simons’ BASIC
    • Automatic Disk Backup

    Technical Tips

    • Home University
    • Random Thoughts

    Book Reviews

    • The Computer Primer
    • Machine Language for the Commodore 64

    The Arts

    • Scale Tunings for SID

    Commodore 64 Users Only

    • Controlling the Commodore 64 User Port
    • Manager Arithmetic, Part 2

    New Products from Commodore

    • The Commodore 128 – The compatible computer you’ve been waiting for.
    • Five Pounds of Power: Commodore’s LCD Computer – With eight built-in software products and a built-in modem, the new LCD lap computer is ideal for any traveler.
    • Sky Travel – An astronomer looks at Commodore’s educational astronomy package.
    • Young Astronauts: Our Resource for the Future – Find out how your school or community organization can sponsor a Young Astronaut chapter.
    • Keep Those PET’s Working – Educators can put their PET’s to work teaching word processing and database management.

    …and more!