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  • Compute!’s Amiga Resource (Fall 1989)

    Source: Compute!’s Amiga Resource – Fall 1989

    Compute! was best known as a multi-format computer magazine in the 1980s and early 1990s and also for it’s Gazette spinoff for the Commodore 64. However, they published various other, usually short-lived, magazine dedicated to other specific platform. Amiga Resource is one of those. The Fall 1989 issue includes:


    • Making Great Games Great – You Ain’t See Nothin’ Yet
    • Bridging the Gap – A Hand-On Look at Commodore’s Bridgeboard
    • Rodent Roundup – Alternatives to Commodore’s Mouse
    • 10 Hot New Games from Europe – Hot Software from Across the Atlantic
    • Customizing Your Amiga – In Search of the Perfect Environment
    • Buyer’s Guide: Beyond Games – What’s NEw in ’89


    • The Window – New York, New York
    • Readers Feedback – Stunt Flying and Video Choices
    • Spotlight on the Workbench – Using Commodore’s Standard Equipment
    • CLI Cips – Notes, Fonts, Templates, and More
    • Ask Rob Peck – Programs That Run Programs
    • Trends – News, new products, an rumors
    • Programmer’s Page – From 6502 to 68000
    • Best of the Boards – ClickDos and Browser
    • Amiga Art Gallery – Computer art on display


    • Just for Fun – Crash and Burn
    • Abstractions – Wrestling Commodore’s A590 Hard Drive
    • Taking Sides – An Amiga in Every Office?

    On Disk

    • Block Out
    • Arcade Volleyball
    • Advanced Laser Chess Customizer
    • Dynamic Directory
    • Versatile Picture Viewer
    • …and more


    • Superbase Professional 3
    • DeluxePaint III
    • M
    • Mini-Reviews – Amiga Resource looks at programming editors, space games and war games, utilities, productivity tools, and more

  • ST / Amiga Format (July 1988)

    Source: ST / Amiga Format – Issue Number 1 – July 1988

    ST / Amiga Format was a U.K. based magazine dedicated to the Atari ST and Amiga computers. It would only last for about a year before being split into two separate titles. The first issue of ST / Amiga Format from July 1988 inlcludes:

    • News – Hot gossip from both sides of the Atlantic with a Comdex report and news from Atari’s dealer product show.
    • Futures – Transputers – are they all hot air? We’ve had a close look at what’s really going on, and reveal the shape of tomorrow’s computers.
    • Letters – How can you have readers’ letters in issue 1? Okay, so we’re telling porkies – but read it anyway.
    • Gold Dust – Steve Gold plugs into the electronic grapevine. 68020, 68030, Unix, ST Laptops, Amiga graphics upgrades… all the best news is leaked here first.
    • Questionnaire – Yes, we want your personal details – inside leg measurements, favorite colors… Tell us all and we’ll build a better magazine.
    • Special Offers – All the best ST and Amiga-ware at rock-bottom prices.
    • Escape Sequence – Scraping rock bottom at the rear end of the issue. A caustic cast around the months’ worst stories. Also the first episode of our 16 bit cartoon strip.
    • Disk Extra – Demos of Oids (ST) and Interceptor (Amiga) plus a host of invaluable utilities for mortals and boffins alike.
    • Graphics
      • Photon and Spectrum – Reviews of two brand new graphics packages – Photon Paint for the Amiga and Spectrum 512 for the ST.
    • Music
      • Animal House – Chris Jenkins went along to the Animal House recording studio to see how professional rock stars use the ST’s MIDI capabilities.
      • Pro-Sound Designer – A look at what promises to be the most exciting music package yet for the Amiga, courtesy of Eidersoft.
    • Special
      • Word Processors
      • – It’s the single most important serious application for a computer. We check out the full range of WP packages, on both ST and Amiga.

      • Competition – An Epson GQ3500 laser printer must be won in this brain-taxing competition, plus a consolation prize of a 24-pin LQ850.

    …and more!