Electronic Gaming Monthly (June 1998)


Source: Electronic Gaming Monthly – June 1998

Electronic Gaming Monthly was probably the most popular video games magazine of the 1990s. It was also among the best. The June 1998 issue includes:


  • Turok 2 – We recently took a trip to Iguana to see what this Turok 2 game is all about. With an improved engine, incredible levels and a Multiplayer Mode, among other additions, this sequel is one to watch for.


  • Editorial – Man oh man, technology sure does change fast…
  • Letters – Curious about our April fools’ gags? EGM comes clean.
  • Quartermann – The Q has info on Final Fantasy VIII and IX, Crash 3 and a spy game based on a new version of the GoldenEye engine.
  • Review Crew – This month we give you Tekken 3, Panzer Saga and more!


  • Previews
    • Nintendo 64 Previews – We take a look at the console version of NFL Blitz from Midway as well as the long-awaited Mission: Impossible, and more.
    • PlayStation Previews – This section is packed with big names including Metal Gear Solid, Colony Wars: Vengeance and Bushido Blade 2.
    • Saturn Previews – We’re back with Saturn stuff! We preview a near-complete version of Burning Rangers.
    • Arcade Previews – Sega Rally 2 and Fighting Vipers 2 are just a couple of the games in this month’s Arcade section.


  • Jump Start – Learn why chicken is so important while playing Tekken 3…
  • Tricks of the Trade – Get a full-on Debug Mode for Quake 64 on the N64.
  • Get Some! – This month we give you everything from an inflatable man to a digital camera…can you use both at the same time?
  • The Final Word – Nintendo’s game may be good, but do they focus too much on making them cutesy for the kids?

…and more!