BLiP (March 1983)


Source: CBLiP – Issue Number 2 – March 1983

BLiP was a video game magazine published by Marvel in comic book format. While perhaps not the greatest format for such a magazine, it did provide the opportunity to get a video game magazine with a decent amount of content for quite a bit less than the cost of a traditional magazine. A probable victim of the video game crash, it didn’t last long though. The March 1983 issue includes:

  • Spider-Man – Spidey joins his creator and a group of fans to try out his new video game.
  • End Game – Green with envy, the Goblin tries to upstage the star of the new video game.
  • News Blips – 3-D video games, electronic phone books, news about arcades.
  • Blip Tips I – A look at the basketball catridges from the Big Three in home video systems.
  • Blip Tips II – How to improve your score at Donkey Kong.
  • Tron – Why the movie bombed, while the game took off like a rocket.
  • Design Wizard – Blip talks with Rob Fulop, designer of Demon Attack.
  • Blip Confidential – Quick tips on improving your score in 10 popular arcade games.
  • Hall of Fame – An update on top scorers around the country.
  • Socks and Parcheesi – A not-so-serious story about the perils of video games.
  • Video Word Search – Test your eye-hand coordination with a pencil instead of a joystick.

…and more!