Battletech (Sega Genesis)

Extreme Entertainment Group
Mega Drive / Genesis

Battletech was the first Battletech game released for the Sega Genesis and it was released in early 1994. The same game would be released in late 1995 for the Super Nintendo but retitled MechWarrior 3050. Except for the titles, the games are nearly identical.

The game is an action strategy game played from an isometric point of view. This is definitely not a game for the casual gamer as it is very difficult. Dedicated fans of strategic gameplay and the Battletech world will enjoy this one with some patience. The Genesis version of the game has better controls and animation while the Super Nintendo version has better graphics overall. This game can be played single player or in two-player cooperative mode.

There are no remakes or other versions of this game so emulation or an original Genesis or SNES cartridge are your only options if you want to give it a try. Given the additional frustration level of poorer controls in the SNES version in an already difficult game I would have to recommend the original Genesis version as the one to play.

Images above are all related to the Sega Genesis version of the game.