Compute! – Issue Number 28 – September 1982


Source: Compute! – Issue Number 28 – September 1982

Compute! was the best multi-format computer magazine throughout the 1980s. In 1982 if you were reading this you probably had a VIC-20, Atari 8-bit or Apple II as those were the most popular at the time. There were plenty of other computers around as well including the new Commodore 64 that would come to dominate the home computer scene in the near future.

The September 1982 issue of Compute! included the following:


  • The Sounds Of TRON
  • Peripheral Vision Exerciser
  • User-Defined Functions: Defined
  • Meet Jim Butterfield

Education and Recreation

  • Banish INPUT Statements!
  • Student Mark Adjustment
  • Turtle PILOT: Part 1
  • Accurate Statistical Calculations


  • Understanding Computer Science
  • Flex File: A PET Data Base Manager
  • Moonbase Io And Space Ace For Atari
  • VIC Invaders

Columns And Departments

  • The Beginner’s Page: How Computers Think
  • Insight: Atari
  • Machine Language
  • Telecommunications: All About ASCII

The Journal

  • Sprite Graphics And Sound Synthesis On The Commodore 64
  • PET Pointer Sort
  • PET Autoload
  • Process Any Apple Disk File
  • TRS-80 Color Computer Energy Monitor Graphics
  • $20 VIC Digitizer
  • On-The-Spot Commodore Disk Fixes
  • VIC Sticks
  • Atari Video Graphics And The New GTIA: Part 3
  • Atari GTIA: An Illustrated Overview
  • VIC Pause
  • A VIC Bug
  • Three PET Innovations
  • GTIA Demonstration
  • PET Machine Language Delete
  • Resource Part 2: Mapping Machine Language Code
  • Atari Message Board
  • Editing BASIC Programs With The Atari Assembler/Editor Cartridge
  • Perform A Task At Equally Spaced Intervals
  • The FORTH Page: REFS

…and more!