Compute!’s Apple (Spring 1986)

Source: Compute!’s Apple – Volume 2, Number 1 (Issue 3) – Spring 1986

While Compute! was a multiformat computer magazine, there were also a number of spin-offs that were dedicated to particular machines. Compute!’s Gazette covering Commodore 8-bit computers like the Commodore 64 was the only really successful one. Compute!’s Apple, covering the Apple II and Macintosh, only lasted a few issues. The Spring 1986 issue of Compute!’s Apple includes:

  • Editor’s Notes

Business Applications

  • ’86 Apple: An Interview with John Sculley
  • Buyer’s Guide to Business Software
  • The Expanding Macintosh

The Ultimate Apple

  • It’s New II
  • Off the Beaten Software Path
  • MacAdds: More for the Macintosh
  • Apple Users Groups


  • Andrew Tobias’ Managing Your Money
  • Balance of Power
  • Fantavision


  • Lexitron
  • Backgammon
  • New Products
  • Ad Index


  • Apple Rules the Schools
  • Computers in the Humanities: Liberal Arts Enter the Computer Age
  • Buyer’s Guide to Educational Software

Utilities and Tutorials

  • Windows
  • MouseCursor
  • Your Personal Ledger
  • Keynote
  • Personal Publishing with Your Macintosh
  • Apple Automatic Proofreader

…and more!