RUN: The Commodore 64 128 User’s Guide (September 1989)


Source: RUN: The Commodore 64 128 User’s Guide – Issue Number 69 – September 1989

RUN magazine was my favorite Commodore 64 magazine. By 1989 the Commodore 64 was certainly in decline but RUN was still going strong and would continue for a few more years. Advertising pages had declined significantly but all the content was still there. The September 1989 issue includes:


  • geoFolks – Meet some members of the GEOS clan whose creative applications can inspire GEOS users everywhere.
  • Berkeley and its geoPlans – What can GEOS users expect for their Commodore computers in the future?
  • geoSlides – You’ll find that viewing Doodle! and Koala files from within GEOS is easy with this C-64 and C-128 program.
  • Day-of-the-Week Calendar – Finding a date is quick and easy with this 100-year calendar program. For the C-64 and 128.
  • Word Wonder – You must be clever to win at this C-64 and 128 letter-guessing game.
  • Shell Shock – Reduce your opponent to scrap metal in this fast-paced C-64 tank duel.
  • Quickmat – No more cups of coffee while waiting for your C-64 to format disks. With this utility, you won’t even make it to the kitchen.
  • Match Games – Adult or child, you’ll have a real challenge matching these complex patterns on your C-128.


  • RUNning Ruminations – What would the Commodore environment look like without GEOS?
  • Magic – The number-one column of hints and tips for performing Commodore computing wizardry.
  • News and New Products – Rece