Electronic Games (March 1982)


Source: Electronic Games – March 1982

Electronic Games was the first mainstream video games magazine in the U.S. It didn’t really have a very long life as it was born not too long before the crash. However, it set the example for many to come over the years.

The March 1982 issue of Electronic Games includes:

  • Switch On! – Electronic Games takes on the arcade scrooges!
  • Readers Replay – Our faithful readers put pen to paper to tell us what they think.
  • Inside Gaming – Meet the design braintrust behind Odyssey’s “Master Strategy series”.
  • Test Lab – In terms of personal computers, the Atari 400 is the new kid on the block, but gamers have already taken it to their hearts. Now here’s the “inside” story from Technical Editor Jet Wright.
  • Arcade Spotlight – Pay a visit to one of the poshest arcades in the world – Castle Park!
  • Q&A – The friendly ol’ Game Doctor is definitely in, and hard at work answering our readers’ toughest stumpers!
  • The History of Videogames – It all started at MIT in 1962 – and look what’s happened since! We’ve come a long way, baby, and this story tells you all about how it happened!
  • New Products – Videogame furniture, rechargeable batteries and Versa’s E-Z Port for the Apple II are all featured in this new column!
  • Electronic Games Hotline – Tournaments, new games and a new super-game system from Atari are all in the news this issue – and lots more!
  • Feature: Slaying Dragons – An introduction to computer adventure games for all you wizards, warriors, dwarves and clerics.
  • The Making of an Arcade Machine – From inspiration to destination – the saga of the coin-op videogame!
  • Special Section: The Players Guide to Electronic Science Fiction Games – Videogames’ very own star wars is the subject of this issue’s magazine-within-a-magazine. For space gamers everywhere!
  • 1981 Arcade Awards – It’s been quite a year for electronic games, and you’ll find the best of them gathered right here to pick up their Arkies!
  • Computer Playland – The hottest computer game software, including “Raster Blaster”, “Jawbreaker”, and “Sneakers” are all reviewed!
  • Passport to Adventure – EG’s newest review column looks at the latest in adventure gaming!
  • Strategy Session – Learn the secrets behind UFO, “Jawbreaker,” “Star Raiders” and “Scramble” from super-gamer Frank Tetro Jr.
  • Programmable Parade – The latest in Atari, Odyssey, Intellivision, Activision and Chanel F videogame software are given the thrice-over from our demanding staff of experts.
  • Insert Coin Here – Check out the new quarter-snatchers from Atari, Centuri, and GDI
  • Stand-Alone Scene – Casio’s new computerized keyboard and a system for the electronically-oriented quiz whiz are among the stand-alone wonders reviewed this time out!
  • Crime Does Not Pay – Be an electronic Sherlock Holmes with two computerized board games.

…and more!