Compute!’s Gazette (July 1983)


Source: Compute!’s Gazette – July 1983

Compute!’s Gazette was one of the longest running Commodore 8-bit specific magazines and Compute!’s most successful spinoff. While it mostly covered the Commodore 64, it also covered the VIC-20 in its early years and the Commodore 128 once it launched. The inaugural issue from July 1983 includes:


  • Does Your Computer Need A Cassette Recorder?
  • Commodore 64 Video Update


  • Inside View: Programmer Jimmy Huey
  • Skydiver
  • Snake Escape


  • Exatron Stringy Floppy For VIC-20 and 64
  • Deadly Duck Cartridge Game For Unexpanded VIC-20

Education/Home Applications

  • Computing For Kids: Computer Adventures
  • Alfabug
  • VIC Marquee
  • Word Hunt: A Puzzle Game
  • VIC Timepiece


  • The Beginner’s Corner: Learning To Program in BASIC
  • Commodore Classics: Quickfind
  • Power BASIC: 64 Paddle Reader Routing
  • Machine Language For Beginner’s: A Hidden World
  • Hints & Tips: Accelerated IFs
  • Enlivening Programs With Sound
  • Using Joysticks On The 64: A BASIC Tutorial


  • The Editor’s Notes
  • Gazette Feedback
  • COMPUTE!’s Gazette Author Guide
  • Simple Answers To Common Questions
  • VICreations
  • 64 Explorer
  • News & Products

…and more!