VMX Racing (PlayStation)


Source: Next Generation – Issue Number 27 – March 1997

There were such a large number of games on the PlayStation that it isn’t surprising that there a number of them that seem obscure even though they aren’t necessarily rare. VMX Racing is one of those games. It doesn’t help that this was a pretty terrible game.

VMX Racing is a dirt bike racing game that offers a fairly low number of options. You can choose from four bikes (the choice makes little difference) and race on 6 tracks. By PlayStation standards, the graphics are terrible, the sound is terrible and the music is terrible. There really isn’t much in the way of redeeming characteristics that would make this game worth playing. Interestingly, the only other game I could find that “Studio E” was involved in was a cancelled game for the Super Nintendo.

If you are just dying to play a motorcycle racing game on your PlayStation that you have never played and this is the only one left and you just have to give it a try, it can be had dirt cheap on eBay. VMX Racing can be played with two players (split-screen) so you can torture a friend too. Not surprisingly there have been no remakes or sequels.