EGM 2 (March 1998)


Source: EGM 2 – Issue Number 45 – March 1998

It’s hard to believe there was a time when magazines were so popular that one publication a month wasn’t enough for some of them. In 1994, Electronic Gaming Monthly’s hundreds of pages a month weren’t enough so a spinoff, EGM 2, was born. It only lasted about four years as the popularity of physical magazines started to wane after that. EGM 2 covered much of the same type of material as it’s parent but with no reviews and with more of an emphasis on import games.

The March 1998 issue includes:


  • insert coin
  • gamers’ forum
  • online news
  • trick of the trade
  • strategies
  • game over
  • what’s next


  • Tomb Raider II – If you think you’ve been everywhere in this game, think again! There’s a secret cellar…
  • Resident Evil 3 – Beat the game certain ways and you could get two new characters or change your outfit.
  • Mega Man X4 – Zero and Mega Man sport brand new costumes, if you enter in their new suits of armor codes.
  • Monster Rancher – Find out how to get new monsters off of different CDs, plus learn how to prolong your monster’s life.
  • Trick of the Month: WCW Nitro – By entering certain codes, you get secrets galore: characters, rings and rants!


  • Everyone’s Favorite Dino is Back! – Yoshi makes his starring debut on the Nintendo 64 in Yoshi’s Story. Although he is adorable, Yoshi faces some fierce baddies. So in this issue, we will provide maps to all 24 levels; show locations to healing flowers, egg boxes and the much-needed hearts; plus give tips and secrets.

Arcade Feature

  • Extreme Fighting – Just when you though you knew it all, Mortal Kombat 4 undergoes new changes! However, we have the secrets to boost your MK4 know-how as well as the awesome moves for Fighting Bujutsu.


    • More Blood and Gore with Part Two of the Resident Evil 2 Guide – Last issue, we gave you a little meaty taste of the sequel to Resident Evil. This issue gamers will feast on part two of this fleshy strategy guide. Tons of maps, all the secrets and play strategies for ll the characters will prevent you from becoming zombie chow!
    • Leaping Lizards ad Mega Bosses – Gex is up to his usual smart-alecky antics, and this time has gotten sucked into a weird TV-related world. Now he has to battle his way through wacky levels, defeating even wackier baddies. In Part One of our Gex: Enter the Gecko guide, we locate all of the remotes for the first half of the game and give advice for beating the Bosses.

Become Master of Your Domain with Final Fantasy Tactics

     – Fresh off the heels of the immensely popular Final Fantasy VII comes a tactical RPG with enough complexity to make the best of gamers shudder. But thanks to complete items, skills and job class charts – plus killer tips – you won’t need to hit the Reset button at all!

…and more!