Amiga World Tech Journal (October 1991)


Source: Amiga World Tech Journal – Volume 1, Number 4 – October 1991

Amiga World Tech Journal was a technically oriented publication that was an excellent resource for those who programmed or were interested in programming on the Amiga. It even included a disk that had various source code and executables related to the articles. The October 1991 issue includes:


  • The Complete Guide for the Blittering Idiot – How (and when) to control the Blitter
  • Extending ARexx – Libraries to build menus and requesters
  • Global Parlor Tricks – Mapping algorithms to change the world
  • Multitasking in Amiga BASIC – Just SLEEP
  • Modular Programming in C – Divide and conquer your problems
  • Building an ARexx Function Host – Make ARexx even more extendable
  • Designing a User Interface: A Matter of Principle – The basis of user-interface design
  • The Finer Points of Pointers – Understanding pointers in C
  • Font Formats – Which type to use
  • Manual Training – Documentation advice
  • Arcade Elements – Build a top flight shoot-’em-up


  • TurboText v1.02 – Flexibility plus


  • Message Port – Putting things right
  • Digging Deep in the OS – Ins and outs of input device
  • Graphics Handler – Programming HAM-E
  • TNT – Products to save time and work
  • Letters – Put a stamp on it

On Disk

  • A68k version 2.71: A full-featured assembler, FREE
  • BLINK version 6.7: THE linker to use

…and more!