Digital Archaeology: Codex (Floppy Disk) #6

This 5.25-inch magnetic scroll contains some very ancient e-mails of sorts. The disk is labeled “Conferences 8/3/85” (I think…with the handwriting it is kind of hard to tell…it could be “Confessions” but I think “Conferences” makes more sense in context). This appears to be a conversation about reorganizing some conferences/special interest groups. It’s hard to tell from the context exactly what is going on but it looks like these two people (John and Connie) were moderators (perhaps on a Compuserve special interest group?). These conferences are being downloaded, edited and being put back somewhere. Where are they being moved, what is ‘’ and who are John, Connie…and Peg? Perhaps we’ll never know…


Dear John,

This is a list of conferences from the old sig newsletter. Some of
them, I am sure, contain some very good information that the database
could use.

You suggested that I not download all these conferences because you
most likely had them on disk.

I’d suggest that we use some of these conferences, but only after
doing some heavy editing to remove all the extraneous garbage.

1 - Open House
2 - Virginity
3 - Rejection
4 - Fantasies
5 - Sex Talk
6 - Christmas Eve Party part 1
7 - Christmas Eve Party part 2
8 - Sexuality and Ourselves
9 - Telesex part 1
10 - Telesex part 2
11 - Sex Among Friends
12 - Adultery

Anyway, let me know what you think. If you want to send some of the
conferences to me as they now are for the heavy editing I’m talking
about, you can drop them into Preview area and I’ll pick ’em up as
soon as possible.

Love you,


P.S. I would particularly like the conference posted in which Rx came
in and started his little game that really got things doing. That
particular conference, tho I was sending to you like crazy about not
knowing what to say, at least makes me appear more friendly than I
normally do on line.

Thanks, lover! [hugs] and [kisses]


From: JOHNMYSELF 14-AUG-1985 21:18
Subj: conference transcripts

Have edited and loaded to preview the following:
Open House

have located and peg and I will edit:
Sex Talk
Christmas Eve Party
Sexuality and Ourself ves

missing: Sex Among Friends. Seem to have misplaced all copies of
this one.

will have Peg helping me with the loading and editing of these files
in the which case, check to see if it is her on my account which it
could be.

note: under no circumstances is ‘’ to be re-loaded to the
new sig. per request of Peg herself.

For those things in preview areas , check them out and decide where
to put them. I posted them as going to ‘general’ for lack of a better

Please advise what you do (and want done) with the rest).

             Thanks Lover.           <warm hugs & ...>



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