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  • Digital Archaeology: Codex (Floppy Disk) #9 (part 4)

    A summary for those that haven’t been keeping up with this series:

    I found a number of 5.25″ disks at a thrift store several years ago. I finally got around to acquiring a 5.25″ disk drive and extracting the contents a while back. Since then I have been posting the contents here.

    Based on the contents, at least some of these disks were apparently once owned by someone named Connie who used to run the “Close Encounters” Special Interest Group (SIG) on Delphi in the mid 1980s.

    A specific definition of this SIG was found in a document on one of the disks: “This SIG, known as ‘Close Encounters’, is a forum for the discussion of relationships that develop via computer services like the Source, CompuServe, and Delphi. Our primary emphasis is on the sexual aspects of those relationships.”

    This service was text based and was accessed via whatever terminal program you used on your computer to dial in to Delphi’s servers. Many of these disks have forum messages, e-mails and chat session logs. All of this is pre-internet stuff and I don’t know if there are any archives in existence today of what was on Delphi in the 1980s. In any case, much of this stuff would have been private at the time and probably wouldn’t exist in such archives even if they existed.

    This post includes the contents of DM1112.DOC which appears to have been created November 12th, 1985. This is basically another dump of an e-mail session. Not as long as the last one but plenty of drama!

    The previous post in this series is here: here.


        # From                 Date         Subject
        1 BOS1A::BUSSIGMGR     11-NOV-1985  RE: AN.ny time! 
        2 BOS1A::CABUYS        11-NOV-1985  I see you there!!! 
        3 BOS1A::PRINCESS      11-NOV-1985  letter send.t to Stu, may need to talk, 
        4 BOS1A::PRINCESS      11-NOV-1985  empty sens now hon?
        5 BOS1A::CABUYS        11-NOV-1985  one heart to another
        6 BOS1A::CABUYS        11-NOV-1985  another heart for you!
        7 BOS1A::CABUYS        11-NOV-1985  Peggy's on phone now (7:49 pm)
        8 BOS1A::RODM          11-NOV-1985  WOW! GET READY!!
        9 BOS1A::RODM          11-NOV-1985  take deep breath!
       10 BOS1A::RIDPATH       11-NOV-1985  NEW BBS!!!
        #1          11-NOV-1985 18:40:54                                        MAIL
    From:   BOS1A::BUSSIGMGR    "Paul Wilczynski"
    To:     BOS1A::CABUYS
    Subj:   RE: AN ny time! 
    ok - Talk to you later  !
    Big B*** (can't get the spelling of that word right!) HIG!   UG!
    MAIL> d
        #2          11-NOV-1985 18:41:37                                        MAIL
    From:   BOS1A::CABUYS       "CONNIE"
    To:     RODM,CABUYS      
    Subj:   I see you there!!! 
    MAIL> d
        #3          11-NOV-1985 18:50:27                                        MAIL
    From:   BOS1A::PRINCESS    
    To:     CABUYS
    Subj:   letter send t to Stu, may need to talk, dont' know if i can
                                    November 11, 1985
    Hi Stu,
            Now to write a real letter.
            It is cold and wet here today.  The kids are
    home from school and in the house.  I let them watch
    Superman on the VCR and afterwards had difficulties 
    between Scott and Brian - evidently there was name calling
    involved and Brian did not appreciate what Scott was
    calling him.  When he came up to tell me I called
    Scott up to ask him about it.  When he refused to come
    after the first tentative calls I raised my voice
    higher and higher still .
    When he still did not come I went out into the hall
    and called yet again.  This time he responded but
    it was too late.  I guess with the TV on he could
    not hear me and as I am more important than the TV
    I told him his punishment for not coming was losing
    the next movie.  He is now throwing a fit in his
    bed.  He sounds like a wild animal.  If he had come
    up when I called him the first or second times he 
    would not be losing the show, but since he cannot hear
    if he is in front of the TV than he will not be in front
    of the TV right now.
            I'm sorry about tonight.  I must go out to the
    Wake though as it is for a close family friend as I said.
    He has been sick with Cancer for some time and finally
    went in his sleep.  I do not know when I will get back
    in tonight and tomorrow is an early morning - school
    (       I will look for mail from you tonight when I get
    online to see if you had an alternative idea for time.
    If not I will assume that I should call you Wednesday at
    8:10 as usual.) Taken out of letter
            I talked with Connie for awhile yesterday.  She
    seems to be doing well.  Her company is moving in the
    beginning of the year so she might not be able to visit
    us right after Christmas.    Oh well, who knows?
    Something may work out.
            I will be interested to find out how Gladys reacted
    to Friday night.  I just hope John remembers what I told him
    about not telling her my feelings.  I am not sure he can do
    that, as he has not been great at it in the past, but there
    is always a first time.   I wonder if she will come
    back again.  John says he hopes she will.  Also, he gives
    more chances for her coming when I am not here as opposed to
    when I am here.  Oh well, is just as well I guess.  As I've
    said before, I do not want to make the same mistakes I made
    before.  But, it is equally hard for me to stay seperate from
    someone who is intimate with my family.   That does not mean we should be 'soul-mates',
    but friendly helps in these situations I have found.  When there
    is no friendship it gets very awkward.
            I know you do not feel that way.  You have no want
    or intentions of becoming friends with John.  It is a shame
    in a way, but does not matter in the long run.  I am not
    the same type of person as you.  I get involved with people -
    give of myself - just consider the Susan's, Joannies', Connies',
    and Pnut's of life.  I want to help people.  I do not like to
    feel constraints or restrictions on relationships.  I like to
    feel free to talk - to be myself - to be silly, serious, happy,
    sad, left alone when I need to be, treated like an equal.  All
    these things are rights we all have.  I do not like to feel as
    if someone is trying to change or control me.  When I do things
    I may consider whether or not they will affect others - and how
    they will - but for the most part I must consider how they affect
    me - Margaret Edith Catherine Kast Yerger.  I do not do things
    to defy others - that is not my way.  I may do things to please
    others, but not if it is not in my best interests to do so.
            I guess this all seems to be leading up to something, 
    well, I guess it is. 
            I do not think I will be seeing you again.  It is not from
    lack of love - I *do* love you still - but it is from committment
    here and the feeling that in the long run I will not be happier with
    you than I am now.  We have wonderful times together, filled with
    happiness, friendship, adventure, love, passion, fun, closeness ...
    But my future lies with John and my children.  I fool myself a lot
    in thinking of our relationship as something seperate from these.
    It is - but not entirely.  You would have me leave John for you -
    whether or not the kids came along is irrelevent - maybe not
    today or tomorrow, but sometime in the near future.  This relation-
    ship that we have now cannot continue as it is, it is not fair to
    John, Judi, or the kids.  It will only get more demanding of us and
    our time.  We may want more and more time together at their expense.
    I do not wish to take that time away from them.  I went into my
    marriage with my eyes open - though very young - and determined to
    make mine work.  I think the timing of the wedding may have been
    wrong but the marriage is not.  Along with the problems is a very
    deep committment to one another.  I cannot say what the future will
    bring John and I, maybe someday he will get tired of me, I do not
    think so, but we have decided to work it out together.  There will
    be days I will probably curse my decision and hurt inside for what
    may have been, but there will be more days when I know what I did
    was right for all concerned.
            Everything I have said to you was said from the heart.  I
    do love you.  I miss you and will dreadfully for a long time.  My
    fantasies of us together will never be forgotten.  Noone else will
    have the part of me I gave to you.  I tied my tubes for us - and so
    that John would not have to raise someone else's child.  
    I will remember you always Stuart.  You are a very special man,
    one who has given me so much, shown me so much, taught me about
    life and myself and yourself.  It's not only the places you've
    taken me, but the feelings you've given me that will remain with
    me always.
            This is never easy.  I could give you excuse after excuse
    for breaking up - unfairness, being so many miles apart, frustrations,
    fears and angers - but in all honesty I can only say that though
    we have talked about a future of Peg & Stu it is not a future I
    want to live with.  When we are locked in love's embrace it sounds
    like Heaven.  It is easy to imagine such a time coming to pass and
    my being acceptable towards it - but I do not want to be controlled
    by Stuart for the rest of my life.  I want to live and grow in my
    own way, make my own mistakes, control who I talk with or deal with
    by myself, essentially be a person in my own rights.
            I honestly think you see in me what you want to see, and
    you are trying to create that person from me.  When I tried to 
    tell you I felt uncomfortable in some of the places you took me -
    trying to show me a good time - a taste of class - you did not
    understand.  When I hurt or am uptight, I do not want to be touched.
    When I feel that I am being told what to do I react like a child
    and want to run free, rebel.  I do not usually do those things, 
    usually resentment builds up inside of me and comes out at other
            Stu - my Love - take care of you for us all - for Judi, Randy,
    Paula, Debbie, and least of all for Me.  I love you.  I will never
    let another get as close to me as you did .  I
    cannot afford to do that.  It will hurt to let you go - more than
    you can imagine - but do so I must.
    Sending you one last Kiss and memories of morning Lisses
    With My Love,
    MAIL> d
        #4          11-NOV-1985 18:58:13                                        MAIL
    From:   BOS1A::PRINCESS    
    To:     CABUYS
    Subj:   empty sens now hon?
    MAIL> d
        #5          11-NOV-1985 19:31:00                                        MAIL
    From:   BOS1A::CABUYS       "CONNIE"
    To:     RODM,CABUYS      
    Subj:   one heart to another
                 MY   MY             MY   MY
             MY          MY      MY           MY
          MY                MYMY                 MY
         MY                  MY                   MY
         MY                                       MY
          MY                R o d                MY
           MY                and                MY
            MY            C o n n i e          MY
              MY                             MY        
                MY                         MY
                  MY                     MY
                    MY                 MY
                      MY            MY
                         MY      MY
                           MY  MY
                   Look Who's In MY Heart !
    I love you!!!!
    MAIL> d
        #6          11-NOV-1985 19:32:03                                        MAIL
    From:   BOS1A::CABUYS       "CONNIE"
    To:     RODM,CABUYS      
    Subj:   another heart for you!
                 MY   MY             MY   MY
             MY          MY      MY           MY
          MY                MYMY                 MY
         MY                  MY                   MY
         MY                                       MY
          MY             C o n n i e             MY
           MY                and                MY
            MY              R o d             MY
              MY                             MY        
                MY                         MY
                  MY                     MY
                    MY                 MY
                      MY            MY
                         MY      MY
                           MY  MY
                   Look Who's In MY Heart !
    I love you!!!!
    MAIL> d
        #7          11-NOV-1985 19:49:03                                        MAIL
    From:   BOS1A::CABUYS       "CONNIE"
    To:     RODM,CABUYS      
    Subj:   Peggy's on phone now (7:49 pm)
    will call soon as I can!
    I love you!
    MAIL> d
        #8          11-NOV-1985 20:22:23                                        MAIL
    From:   BOS1A::RODM        
    To:     CABUYS,RODM        
    Subj:   WOW! GET READY!!
    My Beloved Darling Connie,
    I may have gotten TOTALLY carried away but your surprise started something
    I just couldn't stop!
    I hope you like what follows!
    GET READY !!!!!!!!
    MAIL> d
        #9          11-NOV-1985 20:24:36                                        MAIL
    From:   BOS1A::RODM        
    To:     CABUYS,RODM        
    Subj:   take deep breath!
    Those    who    were    not    long    ago    in    fact    two    
       Are    now    in    many    ways    becoming    as   one  
          On  that  day  will  become  one  heart, one  life 
               When  the  waiting  ends  and  they  are 
                          Husband & Wife
                     OURS                     OURS
                OURS      OURS           OURS       OURS
             OURS           OURS       OURS            OURS
            OURS               OURS OURS                OURS
            OURS      Rod         OURS       Connie     OURS
            OURS        \                   /          OURS
             OURS         \               /           OURS
              OURS          \           /            OURS
               OURS         Husband & Wife          OURS
                 OURS                             OURS        
                   OURS                         OURS
                     OURS                     OURS
                       OURS                 OURS
                         OURS            OURS
                            OURS      OURS
                              OURS  OURS
    I Told you!
    My Darling I love you!!
        #10         11-NOV-1985 21:00:43                                        MAIL
    From:   BOS1A::RIDPATH