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  • Intellicom (Atari ST)

    Source: STart: The ST Quarterly – Issue Number 1 – Summer 1986

    Those born in the Internet age may never know the struggles and joys of the pre-internet online world. While the Internet wasn’t widely accessible to the public until the mid 1990s, there were plenty of online alternatives. There were of course the big, centralized services like CompuServe, Prodigy, etc. but local BBSes were always more fun to me (and usually free). To access this world, you basically needed three things. First, a computer of some sort. It didn’t have to be a top of the line “PC”, any 8-bit computer like the Commodore 64 would do as well. Second, you needed a modem. The faster the better but what was available and affordable changed often in those days. Finally, you needed terminal software which was a program to control the modem, accept input and display output from the remote system. It could be thought of as a pre-cursor to the web browser.

    There were many communications programs to chose from. By the late 1980s, you could get pretty good ones for free but that wasn’t always the case. This particular selection, Intellicom for the Atari ST, would set you back about $70. There were certain things you needed to look for in a terminal program. You would want it to support your modem of course, and then ANSI graphics support was necessary for the best display from BBSes, and you would want support for the most popular download protocols. By the late 1980s or early 1990s this was ZModem but before that XModem was king. These were what let you download files from the BBS. This ad is from 1986 so I don’t think ZModem was around yet or at least not commonly used however Intellicom supports XModem so that would have been fine at the time. I never had an Atari ST so I’m not sure what the alternatives were in 1986.

    Up until the early 1990s, BBSes were very common. Even in a relatively small town you could probably find a dozen or so. They may be dedicated to certain topics or computer types or more general. A BBS was comparable to a website today. A website may offer files to download, a discussion forum, live chat, and even games. A BBS provided exactly the same things. It’s just that typically a BBS could usually only accept one caller at a time (or occasionally 2 and more rarely 3 or 4). But that was okay, if the line was busy on one, just dial another. Later on, BBSes stopped being primarily a dial-up affair and expanded to support telnet via the Internet. They are still out there and you should definitely give one a try. You’ll still need terminal software but now it comes in the form of a telnet client. Anybody up for some L.O.R.D.?

  • Digital Archaeology: Codex (Floppy Disk) #9 (part 6)

    Digital Archaeology: Codex (Floppy Disk) #9 (part 6)

    It’s been a long time…like the better part of a year…but the series goes on…

    A summary for those that haven’t been keeping up with this series:

    I found a number of 5.25″ disks at a thrift store several years ago. I finally got around to acquiring a 5.25″ disk drive and extracting the contents a while back. Since then I have been posting the contents here.

    Based on the contents, at least some of these disks were apparently once owned by someone named Connie who used to run the “Close Encounters” Special Interest Group (SIG) on Delphi in the mid 1980s.

    A specific definition of this SIG was found in a document on one of the disks: “This SIG, known as ‘Close Encounters’, is a forum for the discussion of relationships that develop via computer services like the Source, CompuServe, and Delphi. Our primary emphasis is on the sexual aspects of those relationships.”

    This service was text based and was accessed via whatever terminal program you used on your computer to dial in to Delphi’s servers. Many of these disks have forum messages, e-mails and chat session logs. All of this is pre-internet stuff and I don’t know if there are any archives in existence today of what was on Delphi in the 1980s. In any case, much of this stuff would have been private at the time and probably wouldn’t exist in such archives even if they existed.

    This post includes the contents of MEMBERS.DOC. This appears to be the member list of the Close Encounters SIG as of October 11th, 1985 (the date of the file).

    See the previous post here.


           Username:              Name:
           12TARA                 *BAD BOY*                        
           1BOB                   Bob Eller                        
           2010                   Mike Smith                       
           ACE                    Rick                             
           AH                     David                            
           AHH                    alan heyman                      
           ALESSAN                John                             
           AMTRAKMAN              Al Voci                          
           ANDERSON               Diana                            
           ANDRE                  Andre                            
           ARNE                   Arne Strand                      
           ATARIONE               CARL WILHOIT                     
           BAODAI                 Nelson LeMay                     
           BENDAILY               ben                              
           BGS                    Bruce                            
           BILLEAST               Bill Eastburn                    
           BINARY                 Paul Lustenberger                
           BITSLINGER             Mike Bispeck                     
           BOBB                   Bob                              
           BOBW                   Bob                              
           BREN                   Brenda                           
           BRUCE1                 Bruce James                      
           BSK309                 STEVE LEWIS                      
           BUSSIGMGR              Paul                             
           CABUYS                 Connie - Sig Manager             
           CALW                   cal wasson                       
           CATHEE                 Cathee A                         
           CDVARN                 CHRIS                            
           CENTERFIRE             Jim                              
           CHAMELEON              KHANH MAI                        
           CHARLESD               charles dite                     
           CHESSIE                Bob Kitchen                      
           CHEVALIER              Ken                              
           CHM                    chuck                            
           CHRISALLEN             Chris Allen                      
           CHRISLOCK              Chris Wehner                     
           CIA325283              Hasan Ciawi                      
           CL3030                 Rog Carpenter                    
           CLEARSTAR              Dan                              
           CNS                    Jeff Greek                       
           COL                    TOM                              
           CONSORT                Sig Managers - SLG Associates    
           CROSSCUTS              TURNON                           
           CYBERLEADER            Jim Reiss                        
           DAGO                   TONY                             
           DALEK                  Y                                
           DAN                    D. Bruns                         
           DANNYDOS               Danny                            
           DAVEIRV                David Irvine                     
           DAVIDBERKLAN           daveb                            
           DAVIDFULFORD           David Fulford                    
           DAVROS                 Jon                              
           DBRYANT                David Bryant                     
           DEARMAX                Max Strips                       
           DEDHED                 MIKE SAUVE                       
           DEEPAK                 Deepak Midha                     
           DEOGBURN               Chris deOgburn                   
           DICKDERY               DICK DERY                        
           DIMPLES                Dimples Jones                    
           DIRIGO                 Bert                             
           DJR                    Dan                              
           DOCTORC                NORMAN                           
           DONUTS                 Marie                            
           DORA                   Lin Koeppel                      
           DOUGLEVY               Doug                             
           DRAGONLORD             Tim Aman                         
           DRBOB408               Bob                              
           DRGOLD                 Duane Goldsworthy                
           ELECTRO                Electro                          
           ELH                    Ed Haswell                       
           ELLENK                 Ellen                            
           ELLISCO                Dick                             
           EMK                    EMIL                             
           ERK                    ERICK EDWARDS                    
           ESG                    Gene                             
           EVPHRD                 Mike                             
           EXCELSIOR              Maximilian (Max For Friends)     
           FINGERTIPS             Jay Pondy                        
           FORPLAY                bill                             
           FRIDAY                 Rich                             
           FRIED                  Bob                              
           FSF                    Dan                              
           GASMAN2                John                             
           GEORGEK                George                           
           GLYNN25                GREG LYNN                        
           GRED                   John                             
           GREYWOLF               JOE GERSTEMEIER                  
           GUACAMOLE              John Williamson                  
           GUSTAVE                Gustave                          
           GWMCQ                  geotge                           
           HANSOLO                John                             
           HAPAZARD               LOUIS HAZARD                     
           HATCHERY               Rick Curl                        
           HORNET                 Roger McMillian                  
           HOTLACE                karen winnett                    
           IDEL                   Greg                             
           ILLUMINATUS            William                          
           ILLUSION               Marti                            
           INTECO                 Uwe Goetzke                      
           JACKMARVIN             shawna                           
           JARED                  Jared                            
           JCG                    Joel                             
           JEANLUC                John M Christensen               
           JIMH                   James Hopper                     
           JJM                    Jay                              
           JOEY                   Joe - SysOp                      
           JOHNMYSELF             John - Asst. Manager             
           JOHNNAPLES             John                             
           JOHNP                  John Peterson                    
           JOHNWG                 J. W. Gibney                     
           JOSEPH                 Joseph                           
           JWSTEMPER              JOHN STEMPER                     
           K9                     MIKE SMITH                       
           KAPLAN                 Elizabeth F. Kaplan              
           KASSIMALEX00           alex kassim                      
           KB6LE                  George Lanning                   
           KEEBEE                 KEITH BELDEN                     
           KELLY                  K. Thebodo                       
           KENNIT                 K. S. Criscione                  
           KEVINB                 Kevin                            
           KIRBY                  Belinda                          
           KISKA                  Joe                              
           KRANKY                 Bill                             
           KZIN                   Mike Banks                       
           LADYLAW                Mary Helm                        
           LADYLOVE               Connie                           
           LASRDISC               Kevin L. Norwood                 
           LFJ                    FRANK                            
           LG1                    Bernard Turek                    
           LODDP                  Daniel Phillips                  
           LOOP                   jane                             
           LOUSCHNEIDER           Lou Schneider                    
           LVEAL                  Lee Veal                         
           MACALLEN               Mac Mathis                       
           MACULA                 Frank Curl                       
           MADHACKER              Jim Nangano                      
           MADONNA                Libby                            
           MARS                   pegasus                          
           MAW                    MIKE                             
           MENU                   SoapSuds                         
           MHW                    Michael H. Wahler                
           MIKEADAMS              Mac Ada     ms                   
           MIRANDA                not yet                          
           MISSISSIP              david barnett                    
           MLJEX                  Mike                             
           MLR                    Lee                              
           MMB                    Michael M. Bosen                 
           MOJO                   Morris Jones                     
           MPA                    Mike                             
           MTEWAL                 MELVIN EDDLESTON                 
           NAVYDAVY               DAVID TYCE                       
           NHOJ                   John LaStar                      
           NICKOLS                Kevin Nickols                    
           NICKX                  Nick                             
           NJOHNSON               Nancy                            
           NUKE                   Douglas Alexander                
           NYLADY                 Karen                            
           OSPAT                  PATRICK MCINTYRE                 
           P1                     Bill Pytlovany                   
           PAKWAX                 HAL                              
           PATSULLIVAN            Patrick                          
           PAULHOPK               Paul Hopkins                     
           PAULLEWIS              Paul Lewis                       
           PCMMAG                 PCM Magazine                     
           PEEWEE                 LEE HANDY                        
           PETERKAR               PETER KARWOWSKI                  
           PETEVO                 Pete                             
           PGS                    PGS                              
           PHANTASY               Keith Vogt                       
           PHREAK                 Smith                            
           PHROBIE                Pete Roberts                     
           PIANOMAN               Tom                              
           PIPEMAN                Brian                            
           PMSINC                 Jeff                             
           POPE                   John Paul                        
           PRAIRIESUN             jackson clubb                    
           PRINCESS               Peggy                            
           PRK                    Paul                             
           PTS                    phil                             
           QSOFTDEMARG            Javier                           
           QUICKRODNEY            John                             
           QUINCY                 JEFF BECK                        
           RADCOM                 Lee                              
           RANGERS                Peter                            
           RAR3                   Robert Rogers                    
           RAYGEDDES              Ray                              
           RBS                    Bob                              
           RH                     Rich                             
           RHODGE                 Rusty Hodge                      
           RICKER                 Eric                             
           RIDPATH                Richard Parker                   
           RJM513                 RJ Miles                         
           ROARK                  KEVIN SMITH                      
           RODM                   Rod                              
           ROGO                   JOHN ROGOWSKI                    
           RONDEAN                Ron                              
           RONMAZUR               Ron                              
           SARISKY                mark sarisky                     
           SCHONBERGER            Steve                            
           SCOT                   greg                             
           SEEKAY                 Charlie Kestner                  
           SHARC                  Shawn Tigrett                    
           SHERM                  Tom                              
           SHRINK                 Jay                              
           SKM                    Steve                            
           SKMOYER                Steve                            
           SMENCIK                Steve Mencik                     
           SMILE                  Smile                            
           SOFTAFFAIR             Bryan Eggers                     
           SPACENET               spacey                           
           SPARKY                 Mark                             
           SPIDER                 John Mezzanotte                  
           SPIKEYS                ROBERT BRAUNSTEIN                
           SR                     Steve Ramirez                    
           SRJ                    scott jacobson                   
           STANKRUTE              Stan Krute                       
           STARLORD               Lee Handy                        
           STEVENAGREM            steve nagrem                     
           STUART                 Stuart                           
           SUMMER                 Steve                            
           SUZIE                  Bill