Micro – October 1983


Source: Micro – Issue Number 64 – October 1983



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  1. Micro was primarily an early 1980s computer magazine that covered a variety of computer systems including the Commodore 64, Apple II, Atari 8-bit and Radio Shack Color Computer. It was frequently technical in nature covering a number of programming and hardware related topics. The October 1983 issue included:

    Programming Techniques

    Plotting Data With Character Graphics
    Structured Game Design
    Interface Clinic: Convert your serial I/O into parallel I/O using a UART


    Apple Slices: Turn your IBM PC into an Apple
    Rapid String/Substring Search
    Directory Menu for the Apple
    Random Number Generator
    Linear Search


    Commodore Compass: A look at POWER64 from Pro-Line Software
    Faster Math Operations in Microsoft BASIC
    Bank-Switched JSR
    Directory Menu for the Commodore 64


    From Here to Atari: Information on the three GTIA modes and a new editor, EREDIT
    Directory Menu for the Atari
    Atari Graphics Notepad in FORTH

    Color Computer

    CoCo Bits: New disk ROMs, the J & M disk controller card, and Elite Calc
    Directory Menu for the Color Computer
    Animated Graphics Routines for the 6809

    …and more!