TPUG – Issue Number 2 – March 1984

TPUG – Issue Number 2 – March 1984

TPUG (Toronto PET User’s Group) magazine was the official publication of one of the largest and longest lived users groups for Commodore computers. It started in 1979 and continues to operate today. The magazine itself ran for about two years but there have been other publications associated with TPUG before and since. On the cover of this issue is the SX-64 which was the portable version of the Commodore 64. My neighbor had one of these and I always wanted one (and still do).

Contents of the March/April 1984 issue include:

  • C-64 Automodem
  • Comal
  • Executive 64
  • Floating Point Numbers
  • Giving Your Disk a Bath
  • The G-Link
  • Interpod IEEE + RS-232
  • Jumpman Bug
  • Las Vegas and the 264
  • Line Finder
  • The Manager
  • Messy is Beautiful
  • Right Justify
  • Santa Wore Shorts
  • Single Disk-Drive Bugs
  • SuperPET Column
  • Toronto BBS Numbers
  • Two Disk or Not Two Disks
  • Type Attack
  • UltraBASIC – A Review
  • Warm Resets
  • When Verify Doesn’t
  • The Winter CES Show
  • The Word Worker
  • Vanilla Pilot – A Review

…and more!