Commodore Magazine, March 1989

Commodore Magazine, March 1989

Commodore published a number of official publications over the years with Commodore Magazine being the final one. It covered the Commodore 64, Commodore 128 and Amiga. They did a pretty good job covering all three systems (though the 128 received the least coverage as there was so much overlap with the Commodore 64) as opposed to reducing Commodore 8-bit coverage in favor of the Amiga. However, at the end of 1989 they ceased publication with portions of the Commodore 64 columns merging with RUN magazine.

The March 1989 issue of Commodore Magazine includes:


  • Making It Pay – Computers can be real budget busters, but enterprising people (who can’t program) have found ways to make them pay for themselves.
  • Impressions of The World of Commodore – We sent Russ Ceccola to Philadelphia to cover the largest gathering of Commodore enthusiasts ever held in the U.S.

Cover Story

  • MIDI Sequencers for the Amiga – To turn your Amiga into a desktop recording studio you need a MIDI interface, a compatible synthesizer and a MIDI sequencer. Here’s an overview of Amiga’s MIDI capabilities and a feature-by-feature comparison of the top Amiga sequencers.


  • 64 and 128 Software Reviews
    • Red Storm Rising
    • Fast Break
    • Monopoly
    • Typhoon of Steel
    • Alcon
    • Award Maker
  • Amiga Software Reviews
    • Battle Chess
    • Captain Blood
    • WordPerfect
    • Torch 2081
    • Global Commander
    • Ganymded/Bomb Busters


  • Red Storm Rising Ultimate Challenge Announcement
  • Projects – Building a MIDI Interface Device
  • Technology – Looking Ahead
  • Creative Courseware – Arithmetic and Fractions
  • Pumping GEOS – Importing Bitmaps into geoPublish
  • Adventure Road – New Windows on Adventure
  • Inside Q-Link – AdventureLink Debut
  • Programming – BAM Organizer
  • 128 Mode – Sequencer
  • Amiga Update
    • Professional Genlocks for the Amiga
    • Amiga Public Domain

…and more!