One Response to Blip, February 1983

  1. BLiP was a video games magazine published by Marvel in the early 1980s (really just part of 1983). It had a comic book form factor and typically included a video game based comic strip (logical since it was published by Marvel). The premiere issue (pictured above) was published in February 1983 and it only lasted for eight issues.

    Contents of this issue include:

    Video Games of the Stars – The stars are from TV. The games are the ones all of us play.
    BLiP Tips I – Get the upper hand on Missile Command.
    BLiP Tips II – Drawing a bead on Centipede.
    Hall of Fame – Meet the man who keeps track of the champion arcade scores.
    Clubhouse – Cartridge owners keep in touch through the mail.
    Video Jokes
    Player’s Choice – The latest word on hardware, cartridges, and arcade games.
    News BLiPs
    Game Design – See your video game invention in a future issue of BLiP!
    Donkey Kong – An exclusive BLiP comic about the gorilla, the carpenter, and the girl.
    BLiP Survey