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  • 50 Cent Comics – New Mutants #25 (2011)

    Next on in my long line of 50 cent comics is New Mutants #25. This issue is from 2011, not from the original run.

    There’s quite a bit going on in this issue. It opens with the team (or part of it anyway) containing a Nimrod infestation at an auto factory.

    Meanwhile, Illyana is being put on trial of a sort for her recent deception of the X-Men in using them to help her clean out Limbo. Something about putting all of reality at risk…that sort of thing. In the end, they decide to lock her up.

    By the end, Dani (a.k.a. Moonstar) is put in charge of the team by Cyclops and sent to hunt down Nate Gray. But, as you can see, he’s busy being held captive and tortured.

  • 50 Cent Comics – Avengers #345

    I grabbed nearly 100 comics at MegaCon a couple of months back for 50 cents each. Avengers #345 from March 1992 is one of them.

    This issue drops the reader into the middle of a war between the Shi’ar and Kree. This is “Operation: Galactic Storm part 5”. I suspect that part 1 would put you closer to the beginning. The fundamental problem for Earth is that both sides are using the Sun to power a nearby wormhole for travel purposes. This is causing instability and will eventually destroy the sun if not stopped. This issue opens with the Avengers rescuing the inhabitants of a space station orbiting the sun that was struck by a solar flare.

    The astronauts are saved and the most recent Shi’ar ship to use the wormhole is stopped leading to a confrontation. By the end of the issue the Avengers are setting off on a diplomatic mission to try to end the war. Will they succeed? You’ll have to read the next issue… I don’t have that one though.

    And there’s plenty of old video game ads here for a bit of nostalgia from the latter days of the NES and the early days of the Super NES.

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  • 50 Cent Comics – Spider-Woman #2 (2015)

    Spider-Woman #2 features a very pregnant Jessica Drew (AKA Spider-Woman). Apparently, Captain Marvel had asked her to visit the Alpha Flight hospital for a check up.

    Of course, with superheroes even common activities like doctor visits are not uneventful. I suppose it wouldn’t make for a very good comic book if they were. In this case, her visit coincides with a takeover by Skrull.

    Spider-Woman handles the Skrull in the Maternity Ward (along with a little help) and Captain Marvel rushes back to help. Unfortunately, the Alpha Flight Hospital is in a black hole that is now inaccessible. How inconvenient…

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