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  • 50 Cent Comics – Astonishing X-Men #52

    Next up from my 50 Cent MegaCon score is Astonishing X-Men #52. The X-Men has always been one of my favorite comic franchises though I stopped reading on a regular basis long before Astonishing X-Men came along. The Uncanny X-Men, The X-Men (later), X-Force, X-Factor, The New Mutants and Excalibur…those were the titles I remember.

    There’s a lot going on in this issue. Karma is being mind controlled by someone else…awkward as that’s sort of what she does. Oh, and Wolverine explodes. There’s some kind of bomb in his stomach. I’m not too worried though. With that mutant healing factor of his I’m sure it will all work out in the end.

  • 50 Cent Comics – The Uncanny X-Men #290

    Next of from the stash of 50 cent comics I purchased at MegaCon this year is The Uncanny X-Men #290 from July 1992.

    For a while, The Uncanny X-Men was probably my single favorite title though I wouldn’t start buying them on a regular basis until almost a year after this issue. This issue features a battle primarily between Hiro and the Cyburai. What could be more cool than cybernetic Samurai? Then there was the drama between Storm and Forge. Forge had asked Storm to marry him in a previous issue and Storm apparently said let me think about it. She decided yes but not before Forge got sick of waiting and retracted his proposal. Overall a pretty uninteresting issue despite the cybernetic Samurai…unless you were really shipping Storm and Forge I guess. However I guess this issue is important in one regard. It is this issue in which Forge leaves the X-Men. He wanted to help Mystique who he would later have an affair with. Sometimes reading the X-Men is like watching a soap opera.

    Again, it was really the ads that were more fun to look at. There are lots of video game ads in this issue. The Super Nintendo had been relatively recently released so there are still plenty of ads for the original NES plus the Genesis and Game Boy. This ad is for Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge for the NES, Genesis and Game Boy. It is a rather mediocre racer if I recall correctly.

    Here we have Forge maniacally fixing the blackbird. We also have the more interesting ad for Super Castlevania IV, one of the early games for the Super Nintendo.

    Some more dialog with Forge. Or you can look at the ad for Hook for the NES…

    I miss Rick Moranis being in movies. My favorite roles of his will always be from Ghostbusters and Spaceballs but I liked the Honey, I Shrunk/Blew Up the Kids movies too.

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  • 50 Cent Comics – X-Treme X-Men #32

    Next up from the batch of 50 cent comics I picked up at MegaCon in Orlando this year is X-Treme X-Men #32. Back when I bought comics on a regular basis, The X-Men titles were among my favorites. However, this was before X-Treme X-Men came along so I’m not really sure how that one fits in. I’m not sure this cover really has anything to do with the story.

    Anyway, the story involves a woman trying to blow up a club full of mutants for some past abuse she suffered. This issue is from December 2003 but you can get a pretty good idea of the time period from the…

    …video game advertisements like this one for Soul Calibur II for the GameCube. The only 3D fighting game series I really played and liked.

    Discrete sound cards aren’t as big of a deal as they used to be but the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 was one I used to really want. I always contented myself with on-board audio though. I don’t think I really had a discrete sound card since whatever Sound Blaster variant I had that came with my Pentium II from Gateway 2000. And that Sound Blaster 16 ASP I had for my 486 DX2-66 back in the day was awesome for its time. I still kind of want one of those Audigy 2s though…

    Another video game ad to date this issue. This time for a game I never heard of for the original XBox.

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