50 Cent Comics – The Spectacular Spider-Man #124

Next up from my 50 cent comic book score at MegaCon 2019 is The Spectacular Spider-Man #124. This issue is from March 1987 and features the classic Spider-Man villain, Dr. Octopus.

Doctor Octopus is steeling various parts and other material (including radioactive isotopes) in order to build a nuclear reactor. The purpose is to enhance his abilities which were given to him via an accident of a radioactive nature. If only cancer were a superpower…

By the end of the issue, Spider-Man had foiled his plans but nearly caused a nuclear meltdown in the process. Doctor Octopus is trapped under a collapsing roof and presumed dead. Of course, we all know he’s not.

This ad brings back memories. In 1987, I was also racing BMX. Though I rode a Free Agent, not a Murray. And of course who could forget the cavity sucking Jolly Rancher’s in their original stick form?



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