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  • 50 Cent Comics – The Spectacular Spider-Man #124

    Next up from my 50 cent comic book score at MegaCon 2019 is The Spectacular Spider-Man #124. This issue is from March 1987 and features the classic Spider-Man villain, Dr. Octopus.

    Doctor Octopus is steeling various parts and other material (including radioactive isotopes) in order to build a nuclear reactor. The purpose is to enhance his abilities which were given to him via an accident of a radioactive nature. If only cancer were a superpower…

    By the end of the issue, Spider-Man had foiled his plans but nearly caused a nuclear meltdown in the process. Doctor Octopus is trapped under a collapsing roof and presumed dead. Of course, we all know he’s not.

    This ad brings back memories. In 1987, I was also racing BMX. Though I rode a Free Agent, not a Murray. And of course who could forget the cavity sucking Jolly Rancher’s in their original stick form?

  • 50 Cent Comics – The Spectacular Spider-Man #123

    The Spectacular Spider-Man #123

    Next up in my 50 cent comic book haul from MegaCon 2019 is The Spectacular Spider-Man #123 from February 1987.

    The Spectacular Spider-Man #123

    This issue involves the villain Blaze (spoiler alert – he appears to die in this issue). Apparently he has been paid by Foreigner to kill both Spider-Man and The Black Cat. This issue starts off with Spider-Man rescuing The Black Cat from an explosion in her apartment. This leads to an awkward situation when Mary Jane comes to visit Peter later and The Black Cat is in his apartment.

    The Spectacular Spider-Man #123

    At any rate, Blaze and his henchman kidnap and torture a woman in an effort to get Spider-Man and Black Cat to make him a better offer. It didn’t really work out so well for him. Neither Spider-Man nor Black Cat have yet figured out that Kris Keating, who pointed them to Blaze in the first place, is really Foreigner and the one who hired Blaze to kill them.

    I’m not sure why the cover says “Blaze is Back”. As far as I could determine, this was his first and last appearance.

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